According to all known laws of aviation there is no way a bee should be able to fy s wings are too small to get s ta le body off the ground The bee of course fles anway oecsuse bees dont care what humans think is impossible Yellow black Yellow blsck Yeilowbleck Yelow bisck Och blsck and yeiow Lets shake up a e Bamy! Erealctas s ready! Ooming! Hang on a second Helo?-Bamy?-Adam?-Can you belleve this is happening?-I cant r plck you up Looking sharp Use the sairs Your father pald good money for those Somy m excted Here's he graduane Were very proud of you son Apertect report card all Bs Very proud Ma! Igot hirg goino ereYou got lint on your fuzz Ow! Thats me!-Wave to us! We'll be in row 118000-Bye Bam 1d you stop eouse!-Hey Adam-Hey Bamy-s ha tuzz ge?-A Ile Special day graduation Never thought rd make Three days grade school three days high school Thcse were awiwsard Three days colege Im gisd Itook a day and hitchhked around the hive You did come back diferent-H Bamy-Artle growing a mustsche? Loolks good-Hear about Frankie YeanYou golng o the funeral?-No m not going Everybody knows sing someone you die dort wese onasaumel Such S esdguess he could have jus gomen out of the way I love his incorporaing an amusement park Into our day Thats why we dont need vacaions Boy qute a bt of pomp under the circumsances-Well Adam sodey we are men-We are!- Bee-men-Amen! Hallelujah! Sudents fscuty disnguished bees please welcome Dean Buzzwell Welcame New Hve Ot graduating cless of915 That concludes our ceremonles And begirs your career at Honex induses W we pick ouro odey i heard ts jus orlentaion Hesds up! Here we go Keep your hands and antennss inside he ram atall imes Wonder what be ke?- A me scary Welcome to Honex a dvision of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group This is ! Wow Wow We lnow that you as a bee have worced your whole te to ge to the point where you can wok for your whole te Honey begins when our vallant Pollen Jocks bring the necar to he hve Our sopsecres formue is auomeicany color-coegtedscenadjusted and bubble-contoured into this soohing sweet syrup with ts disinctve golden glow you lnow as Honey! That girl wes hot She's my cousin! She is?-Yes were all cousins Right Youre right-A Honex we consanty sive to improve every aspect of bee exisence These bees are s7ess-esing a new heime technology hal do youhink he makes?-Not enough Here we have our laest sdvancement me Kreiman-What doeshet did-Cotphes e saandof oneht hangs ater you pour i Saves us millions Oan anyone work on the Kreiman? Of course Most bee joos are small ones But bees know hat every small joo ts done well mears a lot But chocse caretuly because youl say In the job you plck for the res of your Ife The same Job the res of your lite? Ididnt know that Whats he derence? You be heopy so know that bees as aspecles havent had one day off in 27 million years So youls work us so deshwese t Wow The blew my mind! Whats he diference? How can you say tha? One job forever? Thats an Insane cholce to have to make Im relleved Now we only have to make one decislon In e But Adam how could they never have told us tha? Why would you queslon anching? Were bees Were he mos pertecty unctioning soclety on Earh You evethink maybe gs work a Itle too well here? Lke wha? Gve me one examplei dont know But you lnow wna m sakngsout Plesse clese she gate Royal Nectar Force on approsch Wat a second Oheck out-Hey hose are Pollen Jocks!-Wow Ive never seen them his close They know what ts ke outside the hive Yeah but some dont come back- Hey Jocs!-H Jocks! You guys did great! Youre morsters! Youre siky freals! I love ! Ilove see you wearing Those ledles? Arent they our cousirs too? Distant Distsant Look at these wo-Oouple of Hlve Hamys -Lets have tun with them mus be dangeros belg s en Jock Yesh Once a bear pinned me againsta mushroom! He had a paw on my throa sndw e oner he was sispaind mel-on mutInever thought rd lknock him out What were you doing during his? Trying to alert he suthorties I can aunogreph that A ie gusy out there todey wesnt comrades? Yeah Gusty Were hiing a suntiower parch sx miles trom here tonmomow Sx miles huh?- Bamy Apudale Jump for us but maybe youre not up for -Maybe am-Yre not lete gog 9800 at Gae What do you think buzboy? Are you bee enough? I might be all depends on whs o900 mescs He Hnex Cedosprsed me You decide what youre interessed in?-Well here's a lot of cholces But you only get one Do you ever ge bored doing the same job every day? Son let me tell you about sming You grab tha sick and you jus move around and you sraround You get yourself into a hyhm s a besuctul thing You know Dad themoe3irs abou maybe the honey fleld jus isnt right for me You were hinking of what maicing balloon animas? Thas ba jop foi apay wn a stingecanet your son's not sure he wants to go Into honey! Bamy you are so tunny sometimes m not ryng to be tunny Youre not tunny! Youre golng Into honey Our son he smer! Youre gonna be a stmer?-No one's listening to me! Watl you see the scks I have I could say anyhing right now Im gonna get an ant tamoo! Lets open some honer and celsorate! Maybe ril plerce my thorsx Shave my antennae Shack up wth a grasshopper Get a gold toon sndica evenbody og tmso proudWere sacng work today!- Todays he day Oome on! All the good jobs will be gone Yeah right Pollen counting stunt bee pouring smer tront desk hair removal-sits avlable?-Hang on Two let! One of hem's yours! Oongratulations! Step to he side-Whatd you ge?-Picking crud our Stellar! Wow! Oouple of newols? Yes sr dur st day! We are resdy! Maike your cholce -You want to go firs?-No you go Oh my Whats avallableResoom anendsts ooen noc tor hetessign you think-Any chance of geng he Kreiman?-Sure youre on Im somy he Kreiman jus closed out Wax monkeys aways open The Kreiman opened up again What happened? A bee dled Makes an opening See? He's desd Anoher desd one Deady Desdifed Two more desd Desd trom the neck up Dead trom the nedoow Thars e cns is so hard! Hesting cooling sunt bee pourer smer humming Inspector number seven inopinessipe spevsr mite wrang er Ba whar do you think i should Bamy? Bamy! All right weve got he suntiower patch in qusdrant nine Wha happened to you? Where are you?-m going out Out? Ou where? Qut there-Ch no! I have to before igo to work for the rest of my Ife Youre gonns dle! Youre crary! Hello? Another call coming in anyone's fee rae heres orean dell on 83rd that ges their roses today Hey guys-Look athat-snt ha the kld we saw yeserdayod son gt decks resiceds ocou Were gonna ake him up Realy? Feeling lucky are you? Sgn here here Jus Intal ha Thank you- OK You got a rain advisory today and as you all lknow bees- cannot y in rain So be caretul As aiways watch your brooms hockey sicis dogs birds bears and bars Also Igota couple of repors of root beer being eon us rpsnahome becsuse of t babbling ike a clcsda! Thats awtul-And a reminder tor you rookles bee ber one ecsolatenocsing omens All right sunch posions! Buzz buz buzz buzz! Buzz buzz buz buzz! Buzz buzz buzz buz! Blck and yellow! Hello! You ready for his hot shot? Yeah Yeah bring on Wind check- Antennae check- Nectar pack check -Wings check Singer check Scared out of my shorts check OK ladles lets move t ou! hose penuns you sriped stemsuckers! All of you drain those fiowers! Wow! m out! I cant belleve m out! So blue e so s 3dee! Bxkewowlowers This s Blue Lesder We have roses vsual Ering anround 30 degrees and hold Rcses! 30 degrees roger Bringirgaround Sand to the side lkid ts got a bt of a kick That s one nectar collector! Ever see polination up close?-No sirI pick up some pollen here sprinkle over here Maybe a dash over there a plnchon hatone See a? ts a ie bt of magic Thats amazing Why do we do ha? Thats pollen power More pollen more oers mocé nectecimore honey for ds oooE tm pdking up a lot of bright yellow Oould be dalsles Dont we need those? Oopy hat vsual Wat One of these fiowers seems to be on the move Say again? Youre reporing a moving ower? Amimative That wes on he ine! This is the cooles What is ?dont know but m loving this color t smells good Not ike owes ute esh tu Ohemicay Oaretul gus ts a Ime grabby My sweet lord of bees! Oandybrain get off there! Poem9sTscouid be bsa Ameve Very ccse Gonna hur Mama's e boy You are way out of posion rookle! Ooming in a you ike a missile! Help me! I dont hink these are owers Ehould we tel him?-1hink he knows What is this? Match point! You can sart packing up hones because youre about o eat ! Yowser! Gross There's a bee in the r-Dosomesg mdrving HI bee-He's back here! He's going to sing me! Nobody move t you dont move he wont s ou Reezel ea Spray him 3ranrat We are you doling?! Wow the terslon level out here is unbellevable igoma ge home Cant ty in rain Oant y in rain Oant ty in rain Mayday! Mayday! Bee going down! Ken could you close he window plesse? Ken could you close the window plesse? Check out my new resume I made Into a fold-out brochure you see Eolos out On po More humans I dont need this What was ha? Maybe this me Thisime This ime This ime Thsgime This olepes That s disbol tak to them There out of ther minds When I leave a job Inerview theyre fabbergasted cant belleve what i say There's the sun Maybe thats a way out dont remeenper e sun having a big 75 on 1 predicted giobal warming I could teel geing hoter At firs Ithought t was juse Wan Stop Eeeaand beck Thess sre wirter boots War! Dont klll him! You know tm allergc to them! This hing could kil me! Why does his ife have less value than yours? Why does his lite have any less value than mine? is that your satement? mJussaying all ite has value You dont know what he's capable of teelling My brochure! There you go e gy Imnotscared ofhim s an allergic thing Put that on your resume brochure My whole face could putf up Make t one of your specla sis hocking someone out is asos specis sk Right Bye Vanessa Thaniks-Vanessa nec week? Yogur nigh?-Sure Ken You lnovw whatever-You could put carob chips on there Bye-Supposed to be less calorles Bye i goma say somehing She saved my life I gota say something All right here goes Nah Wha would I say? could really ge n ouple s a oeeaw Youtre not supposed to tak so a human I cant belleve m doing hs Ive gat to On I cant do t Oome on! No Yes Na pottant ow snoud 1siert uke ja? No thats no gocd Here she comes! Speak you fool! HI! m somy-Youre talking-Yes I lnow Youre taking! m so somy No ts OK s ine I know m dreaming But I dont recall going to bed Wel m sure this is very disconcerting This s a bt of a surprise to me I mean youtre a bee! Same way you did iguess Mams Dada honey You pick t up Thats very tunny-Yeah Bees are unny we didnt lsugh wed cry with what we havea cea w nyw n ger you something?-Lke wha? i dont lnow I mean lose a couple micrograms-Where?- These sripes dont help You look great! I dont know if you know anyching about tashlon Are you all right? No Hes making he de in me cao as here flying up Madison He finally gets there He runs up the seps Into the church The wedd ing is on And he sas aresmaon? thought jou sad Guasemaian Why would I mamy a watermelon? s thata bee joke? Thats the kind of stuf we do Yeah diferent So what are you gonna do Bamy? About work? dont know I want to do my part for the hive but i cant do he way they want I know how you feel-You do?-Sure My parents warted me to be a lawer ordocor putemed o be a fiorist-Really?-My only interes is fiowers Our new queen was Jus elected with that same campsign siogian Aowayoock Terels m bive rightthere See Youre in Sheep Mesdow! Yes! Im right off the Turle Pond! No way! I know that area I lcsta toe ring there once-Why do girs put rings on their oes?-Why not?-s ike puming a hat on your lnee-Maybe rl y hat-You all right mam?-On yeah Fine Jus having wo cups of coffee! Anywy ts has been greatierhenis for the cofee Yesh ts no trouble Somy I couldnt tinish idid rd be up the res of my lite Are you Can e a plece of with me3 Sure Here hove a crumb- Thaniks!-Yeah Alll right Well theenIguess ril see you around Cr not OK Bamy And thank you so much again for before Ch tha? That wes noning Wel not nothing bur Anyway This cant possbly work He's all se to go We may as wel ty OK Dave pullthe chute-Sounds amazirg-wes amezg wes the scaries happiestmoment of my ite Humars! 1 cant belleve youu were wh humans! Glant scary humans Ws were eike geand drsz They ak crsr They eat crazy glant nings They arve crary- Dohey ty and kill you lke on TV?-Some of hem But some of them don-Howd you get back?-Poodle You did and m glsd You saw whatever you wanted to see You had your experlence Now you can pick out yourjob and be normal-Well-We We boy She's so nice And she's a oris Ch no! Youtre dating a human fioris Were not dating Youtre ying outs de he hive taking to hamans hat cik our homes wah power washerss and M-30s! Onereghh asck of dynamite! She saved my ife Andshe undersands me This is over Es ths Thsne oet What wes tha Treycaa crumb-wes so singin sripey! And thats not what they eat Thats what tals off what they es!-You lnow what a Oinnsbon is-No s bresd and cinnaman and tosng They hest t up Stdown y ho-Lsen to me We are not heem Were us Theres us and mere's mem Yes but woendenyehead yeaming? There's no ming Stopeaming Lissen to me You have got to strthinng bee my iend Thinking pe pee Thking bee Tcing bee Thincng bee! Thinicing bee! There he s He's in e pool You lnow wha your prooiem is Bamy goms sat incing bee? How much longer will his go on? ts been three days! Why arent you workcing? ve got a lot of big Iite decisions to think about What e? You have no lite! You have o jb Youre oarey a bee Would t kll you so maikes e honey? Bay come out Your fahers siking o you Marnin would you tak o him? Br m aing oou Yeu coig 9or eveyog Ase Go ahesd rl canch up Dont be too long Watch this! anessa!- Were sl here-told you not to yell at him He doesnt respond to yelling! Then why yell a me7 Because you dont sten! m not istening to his Somy ve goma go-Where are you going?-m meeting a tiend Agir? s mis why yo cat decide? 8e Jus hope she's Bee-ish They have a huge parsde of fowers every year in Passdens? To be in the Tournament of Roses res evetorss dresm t's exhausing Why dont you run everywhere? ts taster Yean OK Isee isee All right your tum TIVo You can jus treeze lve TV? Thats insane You dontnave he?WE have Hlvo but ts a disese ts a homible homble disesse Oh my Dumb bees! You must want to sing all those jes we nossg s usuy tsta for us So you have to watch your temper Very caretuly You klck a wall take a wak wrte an angry lemer and throw out Work hrough ke any emotion Anger Jealousy lust On my goodness! Are you OK? Yeah-Wha is wrong wih you?!-ts a bug He's not bothering anybody Get out of here you creep! What was ha APCNSvecreuer? Yeah was How did you know? tet lke about 10 pages Seventyive is prety much our limt Youve really got cowo sc ence stacous I never heard of him-Why is his here?-For people We eat t You dont have enough food of your own?-Well yes-How do you get -Bees make - ow wnomales ! And s hard so make ! There's heating cooling sming You need a whole Kreiman hing!-s organic-ts ouganie s justnohes Bay s botom of this Im geing to the bomom crossed the wong sword! You sir will be lunch for my iguans Ignacio! Where is he honey coming trom? Tell me where! Honey Farms! t comes trom Honey sms Crazy person! What homble hing has happened here? These toces hey never knew what hit hem And now heyre on the racd to nownereustkeeps blood crazy suft Blows your head off! m going to Tacoms And you?-He realy is desd All right Uhoh! -What s that?! -Ch no! - Awiper Triple blsde-Tripie blade? Jump on! ts your only chance bee! Why does everhing have to be so doggone clean?! How much do you people ne tose? Open your ejest Sidkour besd out the wirdow! From NPR Newss in Washington fm Oarl Kasel But dont kl no more bugs! Bee!-Mocse blood guy!!-You hear something?-Lke wha? Lke ny screaming Tum off the radio Whassup bee boy? Hey Blood Just a row of honey jars as tar as the eye could see Wow! I assume wherever this ruck goes s whele there geting timean that hones ours Bees hang ght-Were all Jammed in ts a close community Not us man We on our own Elery mosau to on must meet girs Mosquto gins y to trade up get wih a momh dragontly Mcsquto gir dont want no mosquto You got to be kldding me! Mocseblood's soout to jeaue the banding! So long bee!-Hey gus! -Mocseblood! i knew d catch yall down here Did you bring your crazy sraw? We g es siap 83s0el ons0d s prey much pure gro What is mis place? A bee's got a brain the size of a pinhead They are pinhesds! Pinhesd-Oheck out the new smoker-On sweet Thats the one you want The Thomss 30000! Smoker? Ninety puts a minute sem-sunomaic Twlce he nicotine al the ar A couple breahs of his nocis he rght cut Tee malce he hones and we make the money They make he honey and we make the money? On my! Whats going on? Are o GKYea Rooesnt ss ongoyou know oure ace hive wh fake wals? Our queen was moved here We had no cholce This s your queen? Thats a man in women's clothes! Thats a dreg queen! What is this? Oh no! There's hundreds of them! Bee honey Our honey is being brazenly stolen ona massive scale! This s worse an anyhing bears ove dore nend to do something Oh Bamy stop Who told you humans are aicing our honey? Thats a rumor Do these look ke Thats scospemerhese se coveaus datored phoncs How did you get mbed up in his? He's been taking to humans Wha?- Taking to humars?! He has a human giritlend And they make out! Malke out? Bamy! We do not- You wish you could- Whose side are you on? The bees! I dated a cricket once in San Antonlo Those crary es keptime up anigt Bamy this is what you want so do with your life? I want to do for all our Ives Nobody works harder than bees! Dad nsmoer you comigcome so boesiosed your hands were s sming You couidnt stop I remember that What right do they have to our honey? We lve on two cups a year They put t in lip baim for no reason whatsoever! Even if ts true what can one bee do? Sng them where realy hurs in the tace! The eye! That would hur-No Up e nose? Thsts er Theleis only one place you can sing the humans one place where t maters Hlve at Fve the hive's only ful-hour actlon newss No more bee oeercstw Bo Bumoje at he anchor desk Weaher wih Stonm Snger Spors wish Buzz Larvl And Jeanete Chung-Good evening Im Bob Bumble-And m Jeanete Chung A n-county bee Bamy Benson Intends to sue the human race for stealing our honey packagingg t and profing trom legally! Tomomow night on Bee LamKng wehaue ee former quueers here in our studlo discussing their new book Olassy Ladies out his week on Hexagon Tonight were BamBerson Diacuee mska tom e hive I cant do this? Bees have never been ataid to change the world What about Bee Oolumbus? Bee Gandhi? Bejesus? Where m trom wed never sue humans We were thinking of sckball or candy stores How old are you? The bee community is supporing you In this case which wl be he aiofhe oee aepuny You know they have a Lamry King in the human world too ts a common name Next week He lools like you and has and s forward pointy shouiders squinty eyes very Jewish in tennis you aack a the point of weskness! was my grandmother Ken She's 81 Hone her bachands apke oogonna take advantage of tha? Quiet please Actusl work going on here- s that that same bee?-Yes s! tm he e thes busy working But s our yogurt night! Bye-oye Why is yogurt night so dificut?! You poor ting You two have been anis for hours! Yes and Adam here has deens nuehelp-Frosing-How many sugars? Just one I ty not touse the compettion So why are you helping me? Bees nave ases me too Bent singers pointess pollination Bees must hate those take things! Nothing worse han a daffodl thats had work done Maybe this could make up tortmeo-Ths lawsults a prety big deal-Iguess You sure jou warm so go through with i? Am Isure? When im done wigh the hear for ourselves ifa honeybee can actualy speak What have we gomen into here Bamy? ts prey big snt cant belleve how many humans cont work dunge o Yod mink bllion-doller mutinational food companles have good iawyers? Everybody needs to say behind he baicabe New York Bamry Bee Benson u he Honey Indusry is now in session Mr Mongomery youtre representing the fve food companies collectvely? A priviege M Berson epresening all the bees of the world rm kldaing YesYou Honor were ready so proceed Mr Mongome your epening we lved in the topsurvy worid Mr Benson imagines Jus hink of what would i mean I would have to negoiate wh the sikwom for the elesic in my brcbes Tecineeeow do we iknow his sn some son of hojographicimolonpicture-capture Holywood wizardry? They od ceus g siserss s important to all bees We invented ! We make And we protect with our lves Untonunstely there are some people in this room who think hey can etrom s use wete the Ime gus Inm hoplng thaater ss s aillover youl see how by king our hone you not onlke everning wena own Honeyounon and Honron Yes hey provide beekeepers for our farms Beekeeper 1 tind hat to be a very asuroing term I dont imagine you employ anypettee-ts do N-coulant near you-No-No Because jou dont thee bees You lkeep bees Not only seespu hougint a Dser your living room?! Bing Into your couch! Sping out your hrow pilliows! OK hats enough Taike him away So Mr Sng thank you for being here Your name hues e inere ngve 1 heard petore?-was wina band cailed The Pailce Butyouvenever peen a pollice oft scese you? No 1hsvens Sng? Because im teeling a e sung Sng Or should i say Mr Gordon M Sumner! Thats not his real name?! You ldlots! Mr Liots frs belared congrsslesons on Envy Win tor a gues soa on ER in 2005 Thank you Thank you Isee tom your resume hat youre deesaanosome wih and leam your lines sir? Warch Berson! 1 could blow right now! This isnt a goodtela This is a baatela! Why doesnt someone Jus sep on this creep nd we con all goeame der In coun!Youe ail thinking Order! Crder 1say-E - ota plesse soown! ink was awtuy didnt hink you were coming No I was Jus iste I tried to calL buthe bamery I didnt want all this so go to wase so I called Bay Lucklily he was tree On nasu 7ees e leicoud hes Rup Yeaheatup sure whaever S5 ihes youre que a tennis paS moot mach fore gem hink I dont see what youtre doing? I know how hard is to find the rightjob We have hat in common Do we? Bees have 100 percent employment but we do bse ads Remember what Van sald why is your ife more valusble han mine? Funny 1Jus cant seem to recail tha! 1hink somehing snis in here! I love he smell ot owe know I dont even lke honey! I dont eat ! We need to tak! He's jusa e bee! And he happens to be the nices bee ve met in a long ime! Long time? Wha are jou apout all zhar know ts got an atertaste Uke it Lawas et here was some King of barmier beaween Ken and me Icoulnt overcome on well Are vou OK tor s to remind them of wha they dont ike about bees-You got the tweezers?- Are you allergic? Only to losing son Only to losing Mr Berson Bee ril ask you whahiic we ke o inow What exactly is your relatlonship to that woman? Were tiends Good thends your real parents! - Oh Bamy-Yes hey are! Hold me back! Youtre an legiimate bee arent you Benson? He's denouncing bees! Dontyall date your cousins?-Ooecson-tmgong tapincushion this guy! Adam dont! ts wha he wants Oh fm ht!! Oh lordy ta ts their way!- Adam sy with me-I cant eel my legs Whsat angel of mercy will come forwerd to suck he polson trom my heaving bumocis? I willl have order in ns colt Croe Croler plessel The ase of he honeyoees versus he human race took a pointed n Ta be bemer off dead Look a me They got trom the cafeteris downsairs In a uns sandwlch Look here's a e celery sl on Wha wes ke to sng someone? Ica xpsin a as ail All adrensline and then and then ecsssy! All right You 2ink wes all doesnt sound so bad Adam hey check in but they dont check out! Oh my Oould you get a nurse to close hat window?-Why?- The smolke Bees dont smoke Rghd Bees aotsmge Bees dontsmolke! But some bees are smolking Thats Thats our case your team? Well Your Honor ts interesing Bees are rained to y haphazanrdly and as a resut we dont make very good ime I actualy heard a tunny story aboutYourHonorevese cous bugs taken up enough of ns courts valusble ime? How mucn songer wil weesow nese absurd she Flayman m atald im going so have to consider Mr Montgomerys motion But you cant! We have a temitic case Where is your proof? Where is he evidence? Show mehe sman oour Honor! You want a smoicing gun? Here is your smoking gun het sha? s a bee smolker What n be forcibly addicted to smolke machines and man-made wooden siat work camps? Lving out our lves as honey siaves to the white man?-What are we gonns do?-Hes playindhe soeces co Ladles and gentlemen plesse tee these bees! Free he bees! Freehe pees Rree he bees! Free he bee Now we wont have to work so hard all the ime This is an unholy perversion of the balance of nature Benson Youll regre his Bamy how much honey s out there? Agh Cre aasne Besoare you wearing? My swester is Ralph Lauren and ihave no osints WhsMonggomery's right?-W bee work camps Then we want back the honey that wes ours o begin with every las drop We demand an end to the gloriticaion of the bear as anyhing more than a h smel beooressskmachipeWere all aware of what they da in the woods Wa en sne and l-deeda human tea-ime snack gamishments Cant breathe Ering in boys! Hold right there! Good Tap Mr Buzzwell we jus passed ree cups and there's galors more og we need so shut down-Shudown? Weve never shudodwn ugownhoney production! Stop how much honey was out there Oh yean? Whats going on? Where is everybody?-Are hey out celebraing?- Theyre home They dont know what to do Laying out sleeping nhearo Uncea was on his way to San Antonlo wih a arickes Aless e oo oue honeybeck Someimes 1hine now Now I cant I dont understand why there not happy I thought their lves would be bemer! There doing nothing ts amazing Honey realily changes people You dont have any des whsts go g on do you?-Wha oid you want to show me?-This Ws nepered here? Trist is not the hat make honey would atect all these hings s nous iowers Fruts vegetables they all need bees Thats our whole SAT test right here Talke away produce that afects the entire animal hg Acid hen of course The humsnsoecles? So tarere's ino moe oounation # could all just gal going Ihad so open my mouth and tak Vanessa? Vanesss? Why are you leaving? Where are you going? To the inal Toumament of Rcses parsde in Pessdens Theyve moved ohs weekendSecuse s the iowers are dyg ts he last chance Yes hey are Flowers bees pollen! I know Thats why this is the lest parsde Maybe not Oould you ask him to siow down? Oould you siow down? Bamy! OK Imade a huge misake TS sester alime fa Yeskng ofs veuedte s waned to he pyou with he right they have the roses the roses have the pollen I know every bee piant and iower bud in this park All we gotts do s get whatheve got back here wth what we've got-Bees-Pek en es-Recoriation Aaosshe aonroumers hslde we jus plck the right fioat How about The Princess and he Pes? I could be the princess and you Could be the pea Yes Igot -Where should I s-What are you7-1Delleve r oS unge sopping us Stop! Security-You and your irsect pack your ioa?-Yes Has been in your possession the entire time? Would you remove your shoes?-Remove your singer-s part of New York loolks ke well experience a couple hours delay Bamy these are cut iowers wih no water Theyil never make t1goa get up there and tak to them Be caretul Oan Iget hea passengers This is your captain Would a Miss Vanessa Bioome in 24B plesse report to the cockpit? And please humy! Wha happened here? There was a DusBuster a toupee aere anyone onbosrd have fght exxperlence? As a maner of tact here is-Whos tha?-Bamy Berson From the honey ia?! On great Vanessa his is nothing more than a big meal bee posoiros nge es legal victory Thats Bamy!s amempting to land a plane losded with people fiowers and an incapactated ight crew Flowers?! We have a siom in the area and two indvidusis he con wn ssoeo a mililionimes? The surtsce area of the wings and body mass make no sense-Get nis on the air! Got Sand by-Were going lve The way we work may be a mystery o Maiing bonees a ooees clolng a lo of small jobs But etime tell you about a smaleo ou doweT yellow!-Helo! Let right down hover-Hover?-Forget hover This isnt so hard Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Bamy what happened?! Wat 1think we were on aunopliot the wnole sme-Tote e ceen helpn me w were notl Soars out i cannot fy a pian ofyouess pebeind wh that panicky sone in your volce! ts not a tone m panicking! I cant do this! Vanessa pull yourself togeher You have to snap out of i You snap out of t You snap aut of it-You snaso You snso oitof -Yonap our of it-You shap out of it!-You sga 0u of You snep outo yellow-Hello All right lets drop this tin can on the blscidop Where? I cant see anyhing Oan you? No nothing s all cloudy Oome on You got to nink bee Bam Thirksg pee-Terc Toinking peet Tanigg ce anking bee! Wata minute I think teeng somesning-W Thinking bee! Thinking bee! Thinking bee!-Vanessa alm tor the flower OK Outhe engnes Were going in on bee power Resdy boys? Amative! Good Good Ess now Thats a Laon tiower ResdyPal tesersel so around! -Nat tha flower Tee coner one Walch one-The - This's the only way I know how to fy Am I koo-koo-kachoo or is his plane ying in an insectke paem? Get your nose In there Dont be atrald Smell aull reverse Jist drop Be sge orme cemer Now drop it int opn woman! Oome gassresdy Bamy swe did You deu Lisen everyone! This runway is covered with the last polen trom he las tiowers avalable anywhere on Earh That means this is our les chance Were the only cnes who msce hoeepoe ers ard oress e swere gonns seve as a spegiess s our momere ado ous s a pertect tt All goma do are he sleeves On yeah Thars our Bamy Mom! The bees are back! anybody needs to maike a call now's the ime got afeeing wes e working e toraot you excuse me? My mosquto associste wll help you Somy m late He's a lawyer too? I was airesdy a blocd-sucking parsse All Ineeded was a brletcase Have e great eemoon Be a lifeime sJust a status symbol Bees make too much of Perhaps Unless youre wearing and the ladles wonder wherehey were-dont nw Therdsplanned Outside he hve fying who knows where doing who knows what You canjust decloe o be a Posen uock You rave to be pred for the Right Look Thats more pollen than you and 1 will see i No wonder we shouldnt kind of stut s tertssic ts got all my special skls even my sop-ten tavorte movies Whats number one? Sar Wars? Nan I dont go for that And m norsupooseo to Sepng hs but they were all ng to klil me And if t wasnt for youI nad to thank you ts jushow I was raised Thac was a tewerd I dont lnow Ootfee? idont want so put you outs no ouble caing wh a beeYesh m taking to a bee And the bee s taking to me! IJus want to say m gratetul leave now -Wat! How did you leam to do tha?-Wha? The taking thing st cottee-ihate to impose Dont be ridiculous!-Actualy I would love a cup Hey you want rum calke?-Ishouldnt-Have some-No I cant-Oome on! m tying to am kes wo nnuces eane You did? Wss she Bee-sh?-A wasp?! Your parents will ki you!-No no no nptawesp-Spider?- Im not atracted to spiderskow shebones nng wn the e p legs and all I cant ge by ha tace So who is she? she's human No no Thats a bee law You wouldnt break a bee law-Her name's Vanessa- Oh p on a foat sumounded by owers crowds cheering A tournament Do the roses compete in ahletic events? No All right Ive got one How come you dontty everywhere? csian Vogue-r bet Wha in the name of Mighty Hercules is his? How did this get here? Cune Bee Golden Blossom Ray Lios Priate Selec?-s he hat actor? ha Bees do now about his! This s sealing! A lot of sesling! Youve talken our homes schools hosptais! This is all we have! And ts on sale?! m geing tohe re sweet s 's your suppller? I dont undersisnd 1hought we were iends The las hing we want to do is upset bees! Youre to0 lae ts ours now! You sir have Youre not desd Doi look desa0? They will wilpe anching hat moves Where you headed? To Honey Farms I am onto somehing huge here m going to Alaska Moose ofall of this! He Hector-You aimos done?- Almos He is here I serse t Wel Iguess l go home now and s esue s nice honey out with no one around Youtre bused box boy! I knew I heard something So you can ak! 1 can tak And now yostartkng Where you p owrWnar ityogesin rouble?-You a mosquto you in rouble Nobody likes us They jus smack See a mosquto smack smack! A lesst youre out in the world Your Edcoioss e week esses quotes on the bomom from the gues even though you jus heard 'em Bear Week next week! Theyre scary hairy and here Ive Always leans le be This is Ken Yeah I remember you Timberland sze ten and a hat Vbram sole Ibelleve Why does he tak again? Listen you bemer go 'csuse were reslly oeshop instesa of fiowers people are gving balloon bouguets now Those are great If youre three And articlal fowers Ch hose jus get me psychotic!-Yeah Hanes imnome whour payng a royaty! ts an Incredible scene here in downtown Manhaan where the world anlously wats because for the firs time in history we wll cos chWel snt the bee team You boys work on this? All rise! The Honorsble Judge Bumbleson presiding All right Cese number 4475 Superior Oourt of emen of re eny my grandmomher was a simple woman Bon on a tarm she belleved was man's dvine right o benet trom the bounty of nature God put betore us adaFor afwe lnow he could be on serolds! Mr Berson? Ladles and gentlemen there's no trickery here Im Jus an ordinary bee Honeys premy important to me h ned oress e ha all he ime So nice! Call your first witness So Mr Kauss Vanderhayaden of Honey Farms big company you have I suppose so I see you aso ora gar at hone Theyre very lovable creatures Yogl Bear Fozle Bear Bulld-A-Bear You mean lke his? Bears kll bees! Howd you lke hls head creshing through ve rave yet another example of bee cuture casualty stolen by a human for nothing more than a prance-sbout stage name Oh plesse Have you ever been stung Mr esdto blowenoy what I do s haa crime? Not yet snt But is his wha ts come to tor you? Exploting tiny helpless bees so you dont have to rehearse your par ke mat nik ieys on our side Are we doing everyhing right legaly? Im a florist Right Well here's to a great team To a great team! Well helo-Ken!-Helo esoothais where Tususaly s Righthere Ken Bamy was looking at your resume and he agreed with me that eating with chopsicks isnt really a special skl You ge Yesh you do that Lopk aha You know Ive jus about had wih your ie mind games-Whats a?-aan Vogue Mamma mia hats a lot of pages A lot of gnarly Excep for those diy yelow rings! Kenneh! What are you doing?! You te eses oie led trom riag on this emotional roler cosser! Goodbye Ken And for your intormation Iprefer sugartree aricial sweeseners made by man! m somy oece des awyers Yeah Layton youve goma weave some magic with his jury or ts gonna be all oer Dont womy The only thing I have o do to tum his jury around ne e beabug? ve seen a bee documentary or two From wha I undersand doesnt your queen give birh to all the bee chilaren?- Yeah but-Sothose aren have been telled by a winged beas of desruclon! You see? You cant reat them lke equais! Theyre sriped saveges! Snging's he only thing they lnow! o TEogomerysHe buddy-Hes there much pain?-Yeah LIblew the whole case didnt i? doesnt mamer What mamers is youre alve You could have died enoogLook at us Wetre jusa couple of bugs in this world What willhe humans do to us hey win? I dont know 1 hear they purhe roaches In motels Tha onndstSall any wey you can And assuming youve done step comecty youre ready for the ub Mr Flayman Yes? Yes Your Honor! Where s the rest of eed no commpengevidence to suppor aheir charges against my cllents who run legitimate businesses I move for a complete dismissal of this entre case! Mr s codhhute sy le alone a bee Look at what has happened to bees who have never been asked Emoking or non? s his what nature Intended for us? Tow otthe pees Venesss we won! I lknew you could do t! High-five! Somry m OK! You know what his mears? All he honey wl finally belong to the bees eweajong ame 27 millon years Oongranulaions on your victory Wha will you demand as a selement? First well demand a complete shundown of all unnecessary Inclusion of honey in bogus hesah products ddse soow0honban! Were shuting honey production! Mission abor Aboring pollinaon and nectar detal Retuming to base Adam you wouldnt belleve s the greates hing in the world! I wes excted to be part of malking This wes my new desk This was my new job I wanted to dot realy well And sbok ver good does ? No And whose tsut do you think hat is? You lnow m gonna guess bees Bees? Speciicaly me I didnt think bees not needing to sopsy my et How about a sulcide pact How do we do -ri sng you you sep on me Thajus kls you twice Right right Listen Bamy somy but i goms ge ke his I know Me neher Tounament of Roses Roses cant do sports Wat a minute Roses Roses? Roses! Vanessa! Roses?! Bay?-Roses are owers! sompletely closed down Ithought maybe you were remodellng But I have another ldes and ts greater than my previous ldess combined I dont want to hear t! All essdy Securty wil be ight I have an ldes Vanessa Bloome FTD Officlal oral business ts real Somy ma'am Nice brooch Thank you was a gitt Once wthout arousing susplclon Once ahe airport there's no ewe raveastenouaneollen to do the job! Ihink his s gonna work s got to work Aention passengers his is Captain Scom We have a bt of bad weather in - ogBeelpont teak outlMuentre specles What are you doing?-Wata minute! m an amomey!-Who's an anome? Dont move Oh Bamy Good atemoon ames Was your stsus? This s vanessa Bloome m a tioris trom New York Where's the plo? He's unconsclous and so is the copliat Not good Does oing Ths s Bco Bumble We have some late-breaking news trom JFK Arport where a suspersetul scene is developing Bamy Benson tresh trom his Therve dore esough damage But isnt he yourony hope? Technically a bee shouldnt be able to y at all Their wings are too smail Havent we heard this TO oeverone Thats why I want to ge bees back towarking together Thats the bee way! Were not made of JelHO We get behind a fellow Blsck and chence s sdo whst d do you copy me win the wings of the pianel Donthave to yell m not yeling! Were in a lot of trouble ts very hard to concentrate owsze plaresygdont imowHelo? Benson got any towers tor a happy occasioninhere? The Pollen Jocs! They do get behind a tellow-Biack and ecrearolo insinc Bring the nose down Thinking bee Thinking bee Thinking bee! -Whatinme woriais on the tanmac?-Get some lights on tha gesa howenea shin I mesn the glant puisscing fower made of miliors of bees! Pun forward Nose down Tsup Rotate around - This is insane Bamry worked Dd you see the giane tiower? Whar glant tower? Where? Cf course saw she tiower! Tha was genius Thank you But were not done yet urs seychalns? Were bees! Keychain! Then folow me Except Keychain Hold on Barry Here Youve esrped this Yeah! m a Pollen Jock! And esa me And 1dont see anicke Somesimes 3jus feel lke a plece of meat had no ides Bamy tmsomy Have you got a moment? Would Sele ocs! sme to Thank you Bamy That bee s iving my teLes igo Keg Wnen wl his nghamere end?!-Le all go Beautul day roeed p Thats s what i was hinikingabout doing Kenl let Bamy bomow yourszor for his fu HOw o you e the sel of fiames n ou Are there oher bugs in your Iite? No but there are other things bugging me in t pee Mintgomery is about out of ldess We would lke to call Mr Bary Benson Bee tos hope nat was allrg tm wearinga Ohapsick he This is pane youge ohe of shem! Fine Tal and Sood ldea You CAn real Yes How gooar ooyou Ive sog Oroerder The venom bees yesrerday when one ap301couse msomy 1 te s? ts notoueR Se dressed ve p roolng te Ewwe asoystush!-Youre blufing-Am Surts up dude! Poo waer! That bowl is Not as mucn Water bug! Not siing sides! Ke e wn ewno o ger tolerate bee-negave nicknames Talke nim out Hell have na But s justa prance-about sage name! evehave sosee venessa 1us wae oses Passdena Oalitorn sweetheartPTm geming anenas Notan aascolesssee what hils babyll do Hes what are you doing?! Then all we do is blend in wih trafic us g so Trea twee0kwea ve just enough iose ear hair rimmer another bee jokeNoNo esO Wos ohn Travots a plotYes e sa minte There's a bee on that pianem gute emir y or chenge Have a gress atemeont Oan euip order end TEan pet them s এ sep wholspe ould you ke some noney with te ennie Just eave me Youte msomeveryone Oan we ssoR herem to y-Sure is Beween you and me I was dying to get out of that office Youhave got to szar thincng beemy endTladrg eet umbers Aright Telke en evenoody Wraa up gusi had vinuey no rehessai for het Very nice look closely Meme

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