According to all lenown laws of aviation there is no way that a bee should be able to fly Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground The bee of course flies anyway Because bees don't care what humans thinic is impossitble SEQ 75- INTRO TO BARRY INT BENsON HOUSE - DAY ANGLE ON Sneakers on the ground Camera PANS UP to reveal BARRY BENSON'S BEDROOM ANGLE ON Barry's hand fipping through different sweaters in his closet BARRY Yellow black yellow black yellow black yellow black yellow black yellow blackoolih black and yellow ANGLE ON Barry we arng the sweater he picked lookmg in the minor BARRY CONTD Yeah let's shalke it up a little He picks the black and yellow one He then goes to the sinkt takes the top off a CONTAINER OF HONEY and puts some honey into his hair He squirts some in his mouth and gargles Then he takes the id off the bottle and rolls some on like deodorant CUT TO INT BENSON HOUSE KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Barny's mother JANET BENSON yells up at Bary JANET BENSON Barny breakfast is ready! CUT TO Bee Movie US REVISIONS 81307 1 INT BARRY'S ROOM CONTINUOUS BARRY Coming! SFX Phone RINGING Bary's antennae vibrate as they RING bke a phone Bany's hands are wet He looks around for a towel BARRY CONTD Hang on a second He wipes his hands on his s weater and pulls his antennae down to lus ear and mouth BARRY CONT'D Hello? His best friend ADAM FLAYMAN is on the other end ADAM Bary? Son And a perfect report card all B's JANET BENSON mushing Barry's har Very proud BARRY Ma! I've got a thing going here Banry re-adjusts his hair starts to leave JANET BENSON You've got some lint on your fuzz She pecks it off BARRY Ow that's me! MARTIN BENSON Wave to us We'll be in row 118000 Barry zips off BARRY Bye! JANET BENSON Bany I told you stop flying in the house! CUT TO SEQ 750 - DRIVING T0 GRADUATION EXT BEE SUBURB - MORNING A GARAGE DOOR OPENS Barry dnves out an his CAR Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 3 ANGLE ON Bany's friend ADAM FLAYMAN standing by the curb He's reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE Frisbee Hits Hive Internet Down Bee-standen I heard a sound and next thing I going to tis funeral? BARRY No I'm not going to lus funeral Everybody knows you sting s omeone you die you don't waste it on a squinel He was such a hot head ADAM Yeal I guess he could've just gotten out of the way The DRIVE through a loop de loop BARRY AND ADAM WhoaWhooowheee!! ADAM I love this incorporating the amusement park right into our regular day BARRY I guess that s why they say we don't need vacations CUT TO SEQ 95- GRADUATION EXT GRADUATION CEREMONY - CONTINUOUS Bany and Adam come to a stop They exit the car and fly over the crowd to their seats BARRY re graduation ceremony Boy quite a bit of pompunder the circumstances They land in their seats BARRY CONT'D Well Adam today we are it's just ornentation The rows of chars change in transformer-like mechanical motion to Universal Studios type tour trams Buzzwell walies off stage BARRY re tramas Whoa heads up! Here vee go Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 6 SEQ 125 - FACTORY FEMALE VOICE V0 Keep your hands and antennas IRSide the tram at all times in Spanish Dejen las manos y antennas adentro del tram a todos tiempos BARRY I wonder what it's going to be like? ADAM A little scary Bany shakes Adam BARRY AND ADAM AAHHHH! The tram passes under SIGNS READING Honex A Division of Honescor A Part of the Hexagon Group TRUDY Welcome to Honex a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon group BARRY This is rtt The Honex doors OPEN revealing the factory BARRY CONTD Wow TRUDY We know that you as a bee have worked your whole life to get to the pont where you can work for your whole life Honey begins vhen our valiant pollen jocks bring the nectar to the hive where our top secret formula is autonmatically color-corected scent adjusted and bubble contoured into this Trudy GRABS a TEST TUBE OF HONEY from a technician Bee Movie 157 BARRY Yes we're all cousins ADAM Riglht You're nght TRUDY At Honex we also constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence These bees are stress testing a new helmet technology ANGLE ON A STUNT BEE in a HELMET getting hut vwnth a NEWSPAPER then a SHOE then a FLYSWATTER He gets up and gives a thumb's up The graduate bees APPLA UD ADAM rer stunt bee What do you think he makes? BARRY Not enough TRUDY And here we have our latest advancement the Krelman Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 8 BARRY Wow what does that dol TRUDY Catches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it Saves us millions ANGLE ON The Kreiman machine Bees with hand-shaped hats on rotating around a wheel to catch drips of honey Adam's hand shoots up ADAM Can anyone work on the Krelman? TRUDY Of course Most bee jobs are small ones But bees enow that every small job if it's done well means a lot There are over 3000 different bee occupations But choose carefully because you'l stay in the job that you pick for the rest of your life The bees CHEER ANGLE ON Barry's smile dropping slightly BARRY The same job for the rest of your life?I didn't lenow that ADAM What's the difference? TRUDY And you'll be happy to kenow that bees as a species haven't had one day off in 27 million years BARRY So you'll just work us to death? TRUDY laughing We'l sure try Everyone LAUGHS except Bany Bee Movie type steep drop Cameras flash as all the bees throw up ther hands The frame freezes into a snapshot Bany looks concerned The tram continues through 2 doors FORM DISSOLVE TO SEQ 175- WALKING THE HIVE INT HONEX LOBBY ANGLE ON The log-flume photo as Barry looks at it ADAM Wow That blew my mind BARRY annoyed What's the difterence? Adam how could you say that? One job torever7 That's an insane choice to have to make ADAM Well I'm relieved Now we only have to make one decsion in life BARRY But Adam how could they never have told us that? ADAM Bany why would you question anything? We're bees We're the most pertectly functioning society on Earth They walk by a newspaper stand with A SANDWICH BOARD READING Bee Goes Berserke Strngs Seven Then Self ANGLE ON A BEE filling his car's gas tank from a honey pump He fills his car some then takes a swig for lumself NEWSPAPER BEE to the bee guzzling gas Hey! Bary and Adam begin to cross the street Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 10 BARRY Yeah but Adam did you ever think that maybe things work a little too well around here? They stop in the middle of the street The traffic moves perfectfy around them ADAM Like what? Grve me one example BARRY thinks-J don't know But you lnow wehat I'm talking about They wallk off SEQ 400 - MEET THE JOCKS SFX The SOUND of Pollen Jocks PAN DOWN trom the Honex statue J-GATE ANNOUNCER Please clear the gate Royal Nectar Force on approach Royal Nectar Force on approach BARRY Wait a second Check it out Hey hey those are Pollen jocks ADAM Wow FOUR PATROL BEES FLY n through the bive's giant Gothic entrance The Patrol Bees are wearing fighter pilot helmets with blacke visors ADAM CONT'D I've never seen them thus close BARRY They know what it's like to go outside the hive ADAM Yeah but some of them don't come back Bee Movie- JSs REVISIONS 81307 11 The nectar from the pollen jocks is removed from their backpachs and loaded into trucks on their way to Honex A SMALL CROWD forms around the Patrol Bees Each one has a PIT CREW that takes their nectar Lou Loduca huries a prt crew along LOU LODUCA You guys did great! You're monsters You're sky freaks! I Tove it! I love it! SCHOOL GIRLS are jumping up and down and squealing ne arty BARRY I wonder where those guys have just been? ADAM I don't lonoVe BARRY Their day's not planned Outside the hive flying wwho lnovs-whete doing who-fenows what ADAM You can t just decide one day to be a Pollen Jock You bhave to be bred for that BARRY Right Pollen Jocks cross in close proximity to Barry and A dam Some pollen falls off onto Bany and Adam BARRY CONT'D Loolt at that That's more pollen than you and I will ever see in a lifetime ADAM playng with thbe pollen It's just a status symbol I think bees make too big a deal out of it BARRY Pertaps unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it ANGLE ON Two girl bees Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 12 ADAM Those lades? Aren't they our cousins too BARRY Distant distant ANGLE ON TWO POLLEN JOCKS JACKSON Look at these two SPLITZ Couple of Hive Harrys JACKSON Let's have some fun with them The pollen jocks approach Bany and Adam continue to talk to the girls GIRL1 It must be so dangerous beng a pollen jock BARRY Oh yeah one time a bear had me pinned up against a mushroom He had one paw on my throat and with the other he was slapping me back and forth across the face GIRL 1 Oh my BARRY I never thought l'd knock him out GIRL 2 to Adam And what veere you doing dunng all of this? ADAM Obviously I was trying to alert the authorities The girl swipes some pollen oft of Adam with a finger BARRY re pollen I can autograph that if you want Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 13 JACKSON Little gusty out there today wasn't it comades? BARRY Yeah Gusty BUZZ You lenow we're going to hit a sunfloveer patch about six miles from here tomorrow BARRY Six miles huh? ADAM wehispernng Barry BUZZ It's a puddle jump for us But maybe you're not up for it BARRY Maybe I am ADAM whispeng louder You are not! BUZZ We're going oh-nine hundred at JGate ADAM rej-gate Whoa BUZZ leaning in on top of Banry What do you think Buzzy Boy? Are you bee enought BARRY I might be It all depends on what oh-nine hundred means CUT TO SEQ 450 on the balcony alone looling out over the city Martin Benson ENTERS sneaks up behind Barry and gooses him in his ribs MARTIN BENSON Honex! BARRY Oh Daud You surprised me MARTIN BENSON laughing Have you decided what you're interested in Son? BARRY Well there's a lot of choices MARTIN BENSON But you only get one Martin LAUGHS BARRY Dad do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? MARTIN BENSON Son let me tell you sonething about stirmng making the stirming motion You grab that stick and you just move it around and you stir it around You get yourself nto a rhythm it's a beautiful thing BARRY You knoww dad the more I think about it maybe the honey field just isn't right for me MARTIN BENSON And you were thinking US REVISIONS 81307 7 TRUDY CONTD5oothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you all lenow as EVERYONE ON THE TRAM in unison H-o-n-e-y Trudy flips the flask into the crowd and laughs as they all scramble for it ANGLE ON A GIRL BEE catching the honey ADAM sotto That girl was tiot BARRY sotto She's my cousin ADAM She JS REVISIONS 81307 9 The tram drops dov a log-flume THE BALCONY Bee Movie- IS REVISIONS 81307 14 INT BENSON HOUSE BALCONY - LA TER Barry is standing To honey! Bee Movie iS REVISIONS 81307 16 BARRY Shack up with a grasshopper get a gold tootlh and start calling everybody Dawg CUT TO SEQ 760 - JOB PLACEMENT EXT HONEX LOBBY - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON A BEE BUS STOP One group of bees stands on the pavement as another group hovers above thenm A doubledecker bus pulls up The hovering bees get on the top level and the standing bees get on the bottom Barry and Adam pull up outside of Honex ADAM I can't believe we 're starting work today BARRY Today's the day Adam jumps out of the car ADAM 0 9 Come on All the good jobs will be gone BARRY Veah night ANGLE ON A BOARD READING JOB PLA CEMENT BOARD Buzzwell the Bee Processor 15 at the counter Another BEE APPLICANT SANDY SHRIMPKIN is EXITING SANDY SHRIMPKIN Is it still avatlable? BUZZWELL Hang on he looles at changing num bers on the board Two left Andone of them's yours Congratulations Son step to the side please Bee Movie Inspector No 7 Chef Lot Coordinator Stripe Supervisor Antennae-ball polisher Mite Wrangler Swatting Counselor Wax Monkey Wing Brusher Hive Keeper Restroom Attendant ADAM to Barry You want to go first? BARRY No you go ADAM Ob my What's available? BUZZWELL Restroom attendant is always open and not for the reason you think ADAM Any chance of getting on to the Krelman Sir? BUZZWELL Sure you're on Bee Movie- IS REVISIONS 81307 18 He plops the KRELMAN HAT oto Adam's head ANGLE ON The job board THE COLUMNS READ OCCUPATION POSITIONS AVAILABLE and STATUS The middle column has numbers and the nght column has job openings flipping betvween open pending andclosed BUZZWELL CONT'D Ol I'm sorry The Rrelman just closed out ADAM Oh! He takes the hat off Adam BUZZWELL Wax Monkey's always open The Krelman goes from Closed to Open BUZZWELL CONT'D And the Krelman just opened up again ADAM What happened? BUZWELL Well whenever a bee dies that's an opening pointing at the board See that? He's dead dead another dead one de ady deadified two more dead Dead from the neck up dead from the necit down But that's life ANGLE ON Barry's disturbed expression ADAM feeling pressure to decide Oh this is so hard Heating cooling stunt bee pourer stirrer humming inspector no 7 lint coordinator stripe supervisor antenna-ball polisber nite wrangler- Bany Barry what do you think I should- Barry? Barry? Bee Movie V0 You're cra-- Barry HANGS OR ANGLE ON Lou Loduca LOU LODUCA If anyone's feeling brave there's a Korean Deli on 83rd that gets their roses today BARRY fimidly Hey guys BUZZ Well look at that SPLITZ Isn't that the leid we saw yesterday? LOU LODUCA to Barry Hold it son flight deck's restricted JACKSON It's okay Lou we're going to take him up Sptitz and Jackson CHUCKLE LOU LODUCA Really? Feeling lucky are ya? A YOUNGER SMALLER BEE THAN BARRY CHET runs up with a release warver for Bary to sign CHET Sign here Here Just initial that Thank you LOU LODUCA Okay you got a rain advisory today and as you all know bees cannot fly n rain So be careful As always reading off clipboard watch your brooms hockey sticks dogs birds bears and bats Bee Movie FLIPS their goggles down Pit crew bees CRANK their wings and remove the starting blocks We hear loud HUMMING Bee Movie- S REVISIONS 81307 22 LOU LODUCA CONT D LOU LODUCA CONT'D Pound those petunia's you striped stem suckers! All of you drain those flowers! A FLIGHT DECK GUY in deep crouch hand-signats them out the archway as the backwash from the bee wings FLUTTERS lus jump suit Barry follows everyone SEQ 800 - FLYING WITH THE JOCKS The bees climb above tree tops in formation Barry is euphoric BARRY Whoaf I'm out! I can't believe I'm out! So blue Ha ha ha! a beat I feel so fastand free re kites in the sky Box kute! Wow! They fly by several bicyclists and approach a patch of flovers BARRY CONT'D Flowers! SPLITZ This is blue leader We have roses visual Bring it around thirty degrees and hold BARRY sotto Roses JACKSON Thirty degrees roger bringing it around Many pollen jocks break off from the maim group They use ther equipment to collect nectar from flowers Barry flies down to watch the jocks collect the nectar JOCK Stand to the side kid it's got a bit of a kick The jock fires the gun and recoils Bany watches the gun fill up with nectar Bee Movie pinch on that onesee that? It's a little bit of magic ain't it? The FLOWERS PERK UP as be pollinates BARRY Wow That's amazing Wilhy do we do that? JOCK that's pollen power Kid More pollen more flowers more nectar more honey for us- BARRY Cool The Jock WINKS at Bany Barry rejoins tihe other jocks in the sky They swooop in over a pond kissing the surface We see ther image reflected in the water they re really moving They fly over a fountain BUZZ I'm picking up a lot of bright yellow could be daisies- Don't we need those? SPLITZ Copy that visual VWe see what appeat to be yellow flowers on a green field Bee Movie again Are you reporting a moving flower? BUZZ Affirmative SEQ 900TENNIS GAME The pollen jocks tand It is a tennis court with dozens of temis balls A COUPLE VANESSA and KEN plays tennis The bees tand right in the midst of a group of balls KEN 0C That was on the fine! The other bees start walking around amongst the ummense yellow globes SPUTZ Tius is the coolest Whatis it? They stop ata BALL on a white line and look up at it JACKSON I don't losow but I'm loving this color SPUTZ smeling tennis ball Smells good Not like a flower But I like it JACKSON Yeah fuzzy BUZZ Chemical-y JACKSON Careful guys it's a little grabby Bany LANDS on a ball and COLLAPSES Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 17 SANDY SHRIMPKIN Yeah! ADAM to Sandy leaving What did you get? SANDY SHRIMPKIN Picking the crud out Tliat is stellar! ADAM Wow BUZZWELL to Adam and Bany Couple of newbies? ADAM Yes Sir Our first day We are ready BUZZWELL Well step up and make your choice ANGLE ON A CHART listing tihe different sectors of Honex Heating Cooling Viscosity Krelman Pollen Counting Stunt Bee Pouring Stirrer Humming Regurgitating Front Desk Hair Removal US REVISIONS 8107 19 Barry is gone CUT TO SEQ 775 LOU LODUCA SPEECH EXT J-GATE - SAME TIME Splitz Jackson Buzz Lou and two other BEES are gong through final pre-flight checks Barry ENTERS LOU LODUCA Alnght we've got the sunfloveer patch in quadrant nine Geranium window box on Sutton Place Barry's antennae nngs like a phone ADAM V0 What happened to you? Where are you? Barry whaspers throughout BARRY l'm going out ADAM V0 Out? Out where? BARRY Out there ADAM V0 putting it together Oh no BARRY I have to before I go to work for the rest of my life ADAM VO You're going to die! You're crazy! Hello? BARRY Oh another call coming in Bee Movie US REVISIONS 81307 21 Also I got a couple reports of root beer being poured on us Murphy's in a home because of it just babbling like a cicada BARRY That's awful LOU LODUCA And a reminder for all you rookses bee law number one absolutely no talking to humans Alright launch positions! The Jocks get into formation chanting as they move LOU LODUCA CONT'D Black and Yellow! JOCKS Hello! SPITZ to Barry Are you ready for thus hot shot? BARRY Yeah Yeah bring it on Barry NODS temified BUZZ Windt - CHECK! JOCK #1 Antennae! - CHECK! JOCK #2 Nectar pack! - CHECK! JACKSON Wings!- CHECK! SPLITZ Stinger! - CHECK! BARRY Scared out of my shorts - CHECK LOU LODUCA Okay ladies let's move it out Everyone IS REVISIONS 81307 23 BARRY Ob that is one Nectar Collector JOCK Y ou ever see pollination up close? BARRY No Sir He takes ott and the excess pollen dust falls causing the flowers to come back to lite JOCK as he pollmates I pick some pollen up over here sprinkle it over here maybe a dash over there JS REVISIONS 8130724 They go into a deep bank and drve BUZZ Hold on one of these flowers seems to be on the move SPLITZ Say Comng in at you like a missile! Ken HITS the ball back Bary feels the g-forces ANGLE ON The Pollen Jocks watching Barry pass by them in SLOW MOTION Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 26 BARRY in slow motion Help me! JACKSON You know I don't think these are flowers SPLITZ Should vee tell him? JACKSON JS REVISIONS 81307 27 BARRY Yowser!!! SEQ 1000 I think be knows BARRY O 5 What is thisH Vanessa HITS a high arcng lob Ken waits poised for the retum We see Barry having trouble maneuvering the ball from tatigue KEN overty confident Match point ANGLE ON Ken runnng up He has a loller look in his eyes He's goung to hit the ultimate overhead smash KEN CONT'D You can just start packing up Honey because I believe you're about to eat it! ANGLE ON Pollen Jocks JACKSON SUV The ball flies through the air and lands in the middle of the street It bounces into the street again and sticks in the gnille of an SUV INT CAR ENGINE CONTINUOUS BARRY'S POV the gille of the SUV suckes him up He tumbles through a black tunnel whirting vanes and pistons BARRY AHHHHHHHHHHH!! OHHHH! EECHHH! AHHHHHH! Barry gets chilled by the AC system and sees a frozen grasshopper BARRY CONTD re JS REVISIONS 81307 28 FA THER I'm driving! Barry flies by the little girl in her CAR SEAT She waves hello LITTLE GIRL Hi bee SON He's back here! He's going to sting me! The car SWERVES around the road Barry flies into the back where the slobbery dog JS REVISIONS 81307 29 EXT CITY STREET - CONTINUOUS BARRY Wow The tension level out bere is unbelievable I've got to get home As Barry flies down the street it grasshopper Eww gross CUT TO INT CAR - CONTINUOUS The cat is packed with a typical suburban fanuily MOTHER FATHER eight year old BOY LITTLE GIRL in a car seat and a GRANDMOTHER A big stobbery DOG is behnd a grate Barry pops into the passenger compartment hitting the Mother's magazine MO THER There's a bee in the car! They all notice the bee and start SCREAMING BARRY Aaahhlh! Barry tumbles around the car We see the faces from his POV MOTHER Do sonetiing Bee Movie SNAPS at him Barry deftly avoids the jaws nd gross flymg SPITTLE MOTHER Nobody move If you don't move he won't sting you Freeze! Everyone in the car freezes Barry freezes They stare at each other eyes going back and forth waiting to see who will make the first move Bany blinks GRANNY He blinked! Granny pulis out a can of HAIR SPRAY SON Spray him Granny! Granny sprays the hair spray everywhere FATHER What are you doing? GRANNY It's hair spray! Extra hold! MOTHER Kill it! Bany gets sprayed back by the hair spray then sucked out of tihe sunroof CUT TO Bee Movie of himself and a resume in the middlle ANGLE ON Bany liiding behind the curtains as Ken CLOSES THE WINDOW Bee Movie- J5 REVISIONS 81307 30 BARRY Oh no more humans I don't need this Barry HOVERS up into the air andTHROWS himself into the glass BARRY CONT'D dazed Ow! What was that? He does it again and then multiple more times BARRY CONTD Maybe this timethis time this time this time this time this tiine this time this time Barry JUMPS onto the drapes BARRY CONT'D out of breath Drapes! then re glass That is diabolical KEN It's fantastic It's got all my special skills even my top ten favorite movies ANDY What's your mumber one? Star Wars? KEN Ah I don't go for that makes Star WaIS noises kind of stuff ANGLE ON Barry BARRY No wonder we re not supposed to talk to them They're out of their minds KEN When I walk out of a job interview they re ffabbergasted They can't believe the things Isay Bany loolcs around and sees the LIGHT BULB FIXTURE u the middle of the ceiling Bee Movie- J5 REVISIONS 81307 31 BARRY re light bulb Oh there's the sun Maybe that's a way out Bany takes off and heads straight for the light bulb His POV The seventy-five watt label grows as he gets closer BARRY CONT'D I don't remember the sun having a big seventy five on it Bary HITS IS REVISIONS 81307 32 VANESSA Why does his life have any less value than yours? She takes a GLASS TUMBLER and places it over Barry KEN Why does his fife have Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 33 EXT WINDOWSILL- CONTINUOUS Barry stares over the window frame He can't believe what's just happened It is still RAINING DISSOLVE TO SEQ 1200 - BARRY SPEAKS EXT WINDOW SILL - LATER Barry is still staring through the window Inside everyone's saying ther good-byes KEN Vanessa next week? Yogurt night? VANESSA Uh yeah sure Ken You know whatever KEN You can put carob chips on there VANESSA Good night KEN as he exits Supposed to be less calories or something VA NESSA Bye She shuts the door Vanessa starts cleaning up BARRY I've got to say something She saved my life I've got to say sontething Alight here it goes Barry flies in Bee Movie APARTMENT - CONTINUOUS Barry hides himseft on different PRODUCTS placed along VANESSA You're talking BARRY Ves I know I know VANESSA You're talking BARRY I know I'm sony I'm so sorry VANESSA It's okay It's fine It's just I know l'm dreaming but I don't recall going to bed Bee Movie- 5 REVISIONS B1307 35 BARRY Well you lenow I'm sure this is very disconcerting VANESSA Well yeah I mean this is a bit of a surprse to me Imeanyou're a bee BARRY Yealh Iam a bee and you know I'm not supposed to be doing this but they were all trying to leill me and if it wasnt for youImean Ihad to thank you It's just the way 1 was raised Vanessa intentionally JABS her hand with a FORK VANESSA Ow! BARRY That was a little weird VANESSA to herself I'm talking to a bee BARRY Yeah VANESSA I'om talking to a bee BARRY Anyway VANESSA And a bee is tallang to me BARRY I just want you fo kmow that l'm grateful and l'm going to leave now VANESSA Wait wait wait wait hov did you learn to do that? BARRY What? Bee Movie BARRY Really? VANESSA It's just coffee BARRY I hate to impose Bee Movie - J5 REVISIONS 81307 37 VANESSA Don't be ridiculous BARRY Actually I would fove a cup VANESSA Hey you want a little um cake? BARRY I really shouldn't VANESSA Have a little um cake BARRY No no no I can't VANESSA Oh come on BARRY You lenow I'm trying to lose a couple micrograms here VANESSA Where? BARRY Well These stripes don't help VANESSA You look great BARRY I don't lemow if you know anything about fashion Vanessa starts POURING the coffee through an imaginary cup and directly onto the floor BARRY CONTD Are you alright? VANESSA No DISSOLVE TO SEQ 1300 - ROOFTOP COFFEE Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 38 EXT VANESSA'S ROOF - LATER Bary and Vanessa are drinking coffee on het roof terrace He is perched on her keychain BARRY He can' t get a taxi Hes maling the tie in the cab as they're ffying up Madison So he finally gets there VANESSA Uh buh? BARRY He runs up the steps into the church the wedding is on VANESSA Yeals? BARRYand he says watermelon? i thought you said Guatemalan VANESSA Uh buh? BARRY Why would I marry a watermelon? Bary laughs Vanessa doesn't VANESSA Oh! is that uh a bee joke? BARRY Yeah that's the lend of stuff that we do VANESSA Yeals diffetent A BEAT VANESSA CONT'D So anywaywhat are you going to do Barry? Bee Movie for the hive but I can't do it the way they want VANESSA I fnow bow you feel BARRY You do? VANESSA Sure my parents wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor but I wanted to be a florist BARRY Really? VANESSA My only interest is flowers BARRY Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan VANESSA Oh BARRY Anyway see there's my hive nght there You can see it VANESSA Oh you're in Sheep Meadowe BARRY excited Yes! You know the turtle pond? VANESSA Yes? BARRY IF'm right off of that VANESSA Oh no way I lenow that area Do you lnow I lost a toe-ring there once? BARRY Really? Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 40 VANESSA Yes BARRY Why do girls put rings on their toes? VANESSA Why not? BARRY I don't lnow It's like IS REVISIONS 81307 36 VANESSA The taliang thing BARRY Same way you did I guess Mama Dada honey you pick it up VANESSA That's very tunny BARRY Yeah Bees are funny It we didn't laugh we'd cry With what we have to deal with Vanessa LAUGHS BARRY CONT'D Anyway VANES5SA Can L uh get you something? BARRY Like what? VANESSA I don't lmow I mean I don't lnow Coftee7 BARRY Well uh I don't want to put you out VANESSA It's no trouble BARRY Unless you're making anyway VANESSA Oh it takes twwo minutes JS REVISIONS 81307 39 BARRY About work? I don't know I want to do my part JS REVISIONS 81307 41 BARRY a little dreamy Oh thanks VANESSA Yeah There is an awlward pause JS REVISIONS 81307 42 LAB COAT BEE 1 This can't possibly work LAB you're back you can picik out your job and everything can be normal Bee Mouie Movie BARRY It's bread ADAM Come in here! BARRY and cinnamon ADAM Be quiet BARRY and frostingthey heat it up- ADAM Sit down! INT ADAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS BARRY Really hot! ADAM Listen to me! We are not them We're us There's us and there's them BARRY Yes but who can deny the heart that is yearming Barry rolls his chan dovm the corridor ADAM There's no yearming Stop yearning Listen to me You have got to start thinking bee my friend ANOTHER BEE JOINS IN ANOTHER BEE Thinking bee WIDER SHOT AS A 3RD BEE ENTERS popping up over tlhe cubicle wall 3RD BEE Thinking bee EVEN WIDER SHOT AS ALL THE BEES JOIN IN Bee Movie - 1S REVISIONS 81307 46 OTHER BEES Thinking bee Thinking bee Thinking bee CUT TO POOLSIDE NAGGING EXT BACKYARD PARENT'S HOUSE- DAY Barry sits on a RAFT in a hexagon honey pool legs dangling into the water Janet Benson and Martin Benson stand over hun wearing big sixties sunglasses and cabana-type outfits The sun stines bightly behund their heads JANET BENSON 0C There he is He's in the pool MARTIN BENSON You know what your problem is Bany? BARRY I've got to start thinkeing bee? MARTIN BENSON Barry how much longer is this going to go on? It's been three days I don't understand why you're not wortung BARRY Well I've got a lot of big life decisions l'm thinking about MARTIN BENSON What life? You have no life! You have no job! You're barely a bee! Barny throves lus hands in the air BARRY Augh IS REVISIONS 81307 47 JANET BENSON CONT'D muffled Barry come out from under there Your Father's talking to you Martin would you talk to him? MARTIN BENSON Barry I'm talking to you DISSOLVE TO EXT PICNIC AREA - DAY MUSIC Sugar Sugar by the Archies Bay and Vanessa are having a picnic A MOSQUITO lands on Vanessa's leg She SWATS it violently Barry's head whips around aghast They stare at each other awewardly in a frozen moment then BURST INTO HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER Vanessa GETS UP VANESSA You coming? BARRY Got 15 REVISIONS 81307 48 BARRY yelling anguished Vanessa! EXT BARRY'S PARENTS HOUSE - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON Barry's face bursting through the surface of the pool GASPING for ar eyes opening in horror MARTIN BENSON We're still here Barry JANET BENSON I told you not to yell at him He doesn't respond when you STREETWALKSUPERMARKET EXT VANESSA'S FLORIST SHOP - DAY Vanessa FLIPS the sign to say Sory We Missed You and locles the door ANGLE ON A POSTER on Vanessa's door for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena BARRY So they have a huge parade of just lowers every year in Pasadena? VANESSA Oh to be in the Tournament of Roses that's every florist's dream Up on a float surrounded by flowers crourds cheering BARRY Wow a tournament Do the roses actually compete in athletic events? VANESSA No Alright F've got one How come you don't fly everywhere? BARRY 'S exhausting Whhy don't you run everywhere? VANESSA Hmmm BARRY Isnt that faster? VANESSA Yeah olkay I see I see Alright your turn Bany and Vanessa walfly down a New York side street no other pedestrians near them BARRY A! Tivo You can just freeze live TVI That's insane Bee Movie - I5 REVISIONS 81307 50 VANESSA What you don't have anything fike that? BARRY We have SEQ 1500 JANET BENSON Would it kill you to just malke a little honey? Barry ROLLS off the raft and SINKS to the bottom of the pool We bear his parents MUFFLED VOICES from above the surface Bee Movie a he JS REVISIONS 81307 49 SEQ 1700 Hivo but it's a disease It's a hormble hormble disease VANESSA Oh my They turn the corner onto a busiet avenue and people start to swat at Barry MAN Dumb bees! VANESSA You must just want to sting all those jertes BARRY We really try not to sting It's usually fatal for us VANESSA So you really have to watch your temper? They ENTER a SUPERMARKET CUT TO INT SUPERMARKET BARRY Oh yeah very carefully You kick a wall take a walic write an angry letter and throw it out You worke through it like any emotion- anger jealousy under his breath lust Barry hops on top of some cardboard boxes in the middle of an aisle A stock boy HECTOR whacks him with rolled up magazise VANESSA to Barry Oh my goodness Are you oltay? Bee Movie- JS VANESSA Is he that actor? Bee Movie all of this! He RIPS the label off the Ray Liotta Pivate Select CUT TO Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 53 SEQ 1800 honey out with no one around A BEAT Hector pretends to exit He takes a couple of steps in place ANGLE ON The honey jar Barry steps out into a moody spotlight BARRY You're busted box boy! HECTOR Ah ha! I lnew I heard something So you can tallk Barry fbes up stinger out pushing Hector up against the wal As Hector backs up he drops his lenife BARRY ON I can talk And now you're going to start talling Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 54 Where are you getting all the swweet stuff? Who's your suppier?! HECTOR I don't lnow what you're talking about I thought we were all friends The tast thing we want to do is upset any of you bees! Hector grabs a PUSHPIN Barry fences with his stinger HECTOR CONT'D You're too late It's ours now! BARRY You sir have crossed the wrong syord HECTOR You sir are about to be lunch for my iguana Ignacio! Barry and Hector get into a cross-swords nose to-nose confrontation BARRY Where is the honey coming from? Barry knocks the puslipin out of lus hand Barry puts his stinger up to Hector's nose BARRY CONT'D Tell me where HECTOR pontng to a truck Honey Farms It comes from Honey Farmis ANGLE ON A Honey Farms truck leaving the parkung lot Barry tums takes oft after the truck through an alley He follows the truck out onto a busy street dodging a bus and several cabs CABBIE Crazy person! He flies through a metal pipe on the top of a trucke BARRY O0OHHH! Bee Movie - J5 REVISIONS 81307 55 BARRY CONT'D Barry grabs onto a bicycle messenger's backpack The honey farms truck starts to pull away Barry uses the bungee cord to slingshot himselt towards the truck He lands on the windshield where the wind plasters him to the glass He loolks up to find himself surrounded by what appear to be DEAD BUGS He clinbs across worikng his way around the bodies BARRY CONT D Oh my What horible thing has happened here? Look at these faces They never knew what hit them And now they're on the road to nowhere A MOSQUITO opens his eyes M0OSEBLOOD Pssst! Just keep still BARRY What? You're not de ad? MOOSEBLOOD Do I look dead? Hey man they will wipe anything that moves Now where are you headed? BARRY To Honey Farms I am onto something huge here MOOSEBLOOD I'm 15 REVISIONS 81307 56 M0OSEBLOOD Uh ol BARRY What is that? MOOSEBLOOD Oh no! It's a wiper triple blade! BARRY Triple blade? MOOSEBLOOD Jump on It's your only chance bee They hang on as tfie wiper goes back and forth MOOSEBLOOD CONTD yelling to the truck driver through the glass Why does everything have to be so dog-gone clean How much do you people need to see? Open your eyes! Stick your head out the windoust CUT TO INT TRUCK CAB SFX Radio RADI0 VOKE For NPR News in Washington I'm Carl Kasell IS REVISIONS 81307 57 Barry slides tovard the end of the wiper is thrown off but he grabs the AERIAL and hangs on for dear life Bany looks across and sees a CRICKET on another velicle in the exact same predicament They look at each other and SCREAM in unison BARRY AND CRICKET Aaaaaaaaaah ANOTHER BUG grabs onto the aerial and screams as well INT TRUCK CAB - SAME TIME DRIVER You hear something? TRUCKER PASSENGER Like what? DRIVER Lilte tiny screaming TRUCKER PASSENGER Tura off the radio The driver reaches down and PRESSES a button IS REVISIONS 81307 56 INT TRUCK HORN - LA TER BARRY and it was just an endless row of honey jars as far as the eye could see MOOSEBLOOD Wow BARRY So I'm just assuming wherever this honey truck goes that's where they're getting it I mean that honey's ours! MOOSEBLOOD Bees hang tight BARRY Well we're all jammed in there It's a close community MOOSEBLOOD Not us man We're on our own Every mosqurto is on his JS REVISIONS 81307 59 Mooseblood EXITS the horm and jumps onto the blood tmobile MOOSEBLOOD CONT'D Hey guys I knew l'd catch you all down here Did you bring your crazy straws? CUT TO SEQ 1900 - THE APIARY EXT APIARY - LATER Barry sees a SIGN Honey Farms The truck comes to a stop SFX The Honey farms truck blares its horn Barry flies out lands on the hood ANGLE ON Two BEEKEEPERS FREDDY and ELMO vallking around to the back of the gift shop Bany follows them and lands in a nearby tree FREDDYthen we throw it in some jars stap a label on it and it's pretty much pure profit BARRY Whatis this place? ELMO Bees got a brain the size of a pinhead FREDDY They are pinheads The both LAUGH ANGLE ON Barry REACTING They amive at the back of the shop where one of them opens a SMOKER BOX FREDDY CONT'D Hey check out the new smoker Bee Movie JS REVISIONS B1307 60 ELMO Oh Sweet That's the one you want FREDDY The Thomas 3000 BARRY Smoker? FREDDY 90 puffs a minute semi-automatic Twice the nicotine all the tar They LAUGH again nefariously FREDDY CONTD Couple of breaths of this and it knocks them right out They make the honey and we make the money BARRY They make the honey and vee malke the money? Barry climbs onto the netting of Freddy's hat He climbs up to the brim and looks over the edge He sees the apiary boxes as Freddy SMOKES them BARRY CONT'D Oh my As Freddy tums around Barry junps into an open apiary box and into an apartment HOWARD and FRAN are just coming to from the smoking BARRY CONTD What's going on? Are you oltay? HOWARD Yeah it doesn't last too long HE COUGHS a few times BARRY How did you two get US REVISIONS 81307 61 Our queen was moved here vee lad no choice BARRY looking at a picture on the wall Thes is your queen? That's a man in women's clothes That's a dragqueen The other wall opens Barry sees the hundreds of apary boxes BARRY CONT'D What is this? Barry pulls out his camera and starts snapping BARRY CONT D Oh no There's hundreds of them VO as Barny takes pictures Bee honey our honey 15 being brazenly stolen on a massive scale CUT TO SEQ 2100 - BARRY TELLS FAMILY INT BARRY'S PARENTS HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - LATER Barry has assembled his parents Adam and Uncle Cart BARRY This is worse than anything the bears have done to us And I intend to do something about it JANET BENSON Oh Barry stop MARTIN BENSON Who told you that humans are taking our honey? That's just a rumor BARRY Do these look like sumors? Barry throws the PICTURES on the table Uncle Cart cleanng his głasses with his shirt tail digs through a bowt of muts with his finger Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 62- HOWARD CONT'D UNCLE CARL That's a conspiracy theory These are obviously doctored photos JANET BENSON Barry how did you get mixed up in all thus? ADAM jumping up Because he's been tallking to hunans! JANET BENSON Whaaat? MARTIN BENSON Tallong to humans Oh Barry ADAM He has a human girlfriend and they make out! JANET BENSON loveerng the aenal EXT TRUCK WINDSHIELD - SAME TIME Barry and the other bug do a choose up to the bottom Bany wins BARRY Alal Then he finally has to let go and gets thrown into the truck horn atop cab Mooseblood is inside MOOSEBLOOD Hey what's up bee boy? BARRY Hey Blood' DISSOLVE TO Bee Movie own BARRY But what it you get in trouble? MOOSEBLOOD Trouble? You're a mosquito You're in trouble! Nobody likes us They're just all smacking People see a mosquito smack smack! BARRY At least you're out in the world You must meet a lot of girls MOOSEBLOOD Mosquito girls try to trade up get with a moth dragonflymosquito don't want no mosquito A BLOOD MOBILE ppulls up alongside MOOSEBLOOD CONT'D Wlioa you have got to be kidding me Mooseblood's about to leave the building So long bee Bee Movie flee in panic BOB BUMBLE VO Hive at Five the hive's only full hour action news source SHOTS of NEWSCASTERS flash up on screen BOB BUMBLE V0 CONT'D With Bob Bumble at the anchor desk BOB has a big shock of anchorman hair gray temples and overly white teeth BOB BUMBLE VO CONT'Dweather with Storm Stinger sports with Buzz Larvi and Jeanette Chung JEANETTE 15 an Asian bee BOB BUMBLE CONT'D Good evening I'm Bob Bumble JEANETTE CHUNG And I'm Jeanette Chung BOB BUMBLE Our top story a tri-county bee Bany Benson INSERT Bany's gra duation picture BOB BUMBLE CONT'D as sayıng he intends to sue the human tace for stealing our honey packaging it and profitmg from it illegally CUT TO Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 65 INT BEENN STUDIO- BEE LARRY KING LIVE BEE LARRY KING wearing suspenders and glasses IS interviewing Barny A LOWER-THIRD CHYRON reads Bee Lany King Live BEE LARRY KING Don't forget tomorrovw night on Bee Larry King we are going to have three former Queens all right here in our studio discussing their new book Classy Ladies out this week on Hexagon to Barny Tonight we're tallking to Barry Benson Did you ever think I'm just a kid from the hive I can't do this? BARRY Lany bees have never been afraid to change the world I mean what about Bee-Columbus? Bee-Glandi? Be-geesust BEE LARRY KING Well where I'm from you wouldn't think of suing humans We were thinking more like stick ball candy stores BARRY JS REVISIONS 81307 66 BARRY No I mean he looks like you And he has a show with suspenders and different colored dots belund lim BEE LARRY KING Next week on Bee Lany King BARRY Old guy glasses and there's quotes along the bottom fromm the guest you're watchung even though you just heard them BEE LARRY KING Bear week next week! They re scary they're hany and they're here Ive Bee Larry King EXITS BARRY Always leans forward pointy shoulders squinty eyes ights go out Very lewish CUT TO SEQ 2400 -FLOWER SHOP INT VANESSA'S FLOWER SHOP - NIGHT Stacks of law booles are piled up legal forms etc Vanessa is talking with Ken in the other room KEN Look in tennis you attack at the point of weakness VANESSA But it was my grandmothet Ken She's 81 KEN Honey her backhand's a joke I'm not going to talke advantage of that? Bee Movie- J5 REVISIONS 81307 67 BARRY OC Quiet please Actual work going on here KEN s that that same bee? BARRY 0 Yes it is VANESSA I'm helping him sue the Iuman race KEN Whhat? Barry ENTERS BARRY Oh bello KEN Hello Bee Barry flies over to Vanessa VANESSA This is Ken BARRY Yeah I J5 REVISIONS 81307 68 Vanessa ENTERS the back room carrying coffee VANESSA Oh you poor thing you two have been at thus for hours BARRY Yes and Adam here has been a huge help ANGLE ON A EMPTY CINNABON BOX with Adam asleep inside covered in frosting VANESSA How many sugars? BARRY Just one I try not to use the competition So why are you helping me anyway? VANESSA Bees have good JS REVISIONS 81307 69 VANESSA Bees must hate those fake plastic things BARRY There's nothing worse than a daffodil that's had work done VANESSA holding up the lawsuit documents Well maybe this can make up for it a fittle bit CUT TO EXT VANESSA'S FLORIST SHOP They EXIT the store and cross to the mailbox VANESSA You funow Barry tihis lawsuit is a pretty beg deal BARRY I guess VANESSA Are you sure that you want to go through with it? BARRY Am l sure? kicking the envelope into the mailbox When I'm done with the humans they won't be able to say Honey I'm home without paying a royalty CUT TO SEQ 2700 - MEET MONTGOMERY EXT MANHATTAN COURTHOUSE - DAY P0V SHOT - A camera feed turns on tevealing a newsperson Bee Movie IS REVISIONS 81307 70 PRESS PERSON #2 talking to camera Sarah it's an incredible scene here in downtowm Manhattan where all eyes and eaTs of the world are aniously warting because for the first time in history we re going to hear for ourselves if a honey bee can actually speak ANGLE ON Barry Vanessa and remember you Timbertand size 10 12 Vibram sole I belkeve KEN Why does he talk again Hun? VANESSA to Ken sensing the tension Listen you'd better go because we're really busy working KEN But it's our yogurt night VANESSA pushing him out the door Oh bye bye She CLOSES the door KEN Why is yogurt night so drfficult? Bee Movie qualities BARRY rowing on the sugar cube like a gondola Si Certo VANESSA And it fels good to talte my mind off the shop I don't lenow why instead of flowers people are giving balloon bouquets now BARRY Yeah those are greatif you're 3 VANESSA And artificial flowers BARRY re plastic flowers Oh they just get me psychotic! VANESSA Yeah me too BARRY The bent stingers the pointless pollination Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 72 Montgomery the stenographer and the jury lean in CUT TO EXT COURTHOUSE - CONTINUOUS Tlie spectators outside freeze The helicopters angle forward to listen closely CUT TO INT COURTHOUSE BARRY Bzzz bzzz brzz Ah I'm kidding I'm kidding Yes your honor We are ready to proceed ANGLE ON Courtroom hub-bub JUDGE And Mr Montgomery your opening statement please Montgomery ises MONTGOMERY grunbles clears his throat Ladies and gentlemen of the jury My grandmother was a sinple woman Born on a farm she believed it was man's divine just an ordinary bee And as a bee honey's pretty important to me It's important to all bees We invented it vce make it and we protect it with our Irves Unfortunately there are some people in this room who think they can take whatever they want from us cause we're the little guys And vwhat I'm hoping is that after this is all over you'll see how by taking our honey you're not only taking away everything wwe kave but everything we are ANGLE ON Vanessa smiling ANGLE ON The BEE GALLERY wiping tears away CUT TO INT BENSON HOUSE Barry's family is watching the case on TV JANET BENSON Ob I wish he would dress lifte that all the time So nice CUT TO INT COURTROOM - LATER JUDGE Call your frst witness CUT TO Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 74 INT COURTHOUSE - LATER BARRY So Mr Klauss Vanderhayden of Honey Farms Pretty big company you have there? MR VANDERHAYDEN I suppose so BARRY And I see you also own HoneyBurton and Hon-Ron MR VANDERHAYDEN Yes They provide beekeepers for our tamms BARRY Beekeeper I find that to be a very disturbing term I have to say I don't imagine you employ any bee free-ers do you? MR VANDERHAVDEN No BARRY I'm sorry I couldn't hear you MR VANDERHAYDEN louder No BARRY No Because you don't free bees You keep bees And not only that it seems you thought a bear would be an appropriate mage for a jar of honey? MR VANDERHAYDEN Well they're very lovable creatures Yogi-bear Fozzy bear Build-a-bear BARRY Yeah you mean like thus Vanessa and the SUPERINTENDANT from her building ENTER with a GIANT FEROCIOUS GRIZZLY BEAR He las a neck collar and chains extending from erther sade Bee Moute - 15 REVISIONS 81307 75 By pulling the chains they bring tiim directly in front of Vanderhayden The bear LUNGES and ROARS BARRY CONT'D Bears kill bees! How would you like his big hairy bead crashing into your living room? Biting into your couch spitting out your throwpillowsrowr rowr! The bear REACTS BEAR Rowr!! BARRY Okay that's enough Take him away Vanessa and the Superintendant pull tihe bear out of the courtroom Vanderhayden TREMBLES The judge GLARES at him CUT TO INT COURTROOM- A LITTLE LATER Bany questions STING BARRY So Mr Sting Thank you for being here Your name intrigues me I have to say Where have I heard it before? STING I was with a band called The Police BARRY But you've never been a police officer of any kind have you? STING No I haven't Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 76 BARRY No you haven't And so here we have yet another eMample of bee culture beng casually stolen by a human for nothing more than a prance about stage name STING Oh piease BARRY Have you ever been stung Mr Sting? Because l'm feeling a little stung Sting Or should I say looling in folder Mr Gordon M Sunnert The jury GASPS MONTGOMERY to bis aides That's not lis real name? You idrots! CUT TO INT COURTHOUSE- LATER BARRY Mr Liotta first may I offer my belated congratulations on your Emmy win for a guest spot on ER n 2005 LIOTTA Thank you Thant you Liotta LAUGHS MANIA CALLY BARRY I also see from your resumme that you're devilishly handsome but with a churning inner turmoil that's always ready to blow LIOTTA I enijoy what I do Is that a crime? Bee Movie- 15 REVISIONS B1307 77 BARRY Not yet it isn't But is thsis what it's come to for you Mr Liotta? Exploiting tiny helpless bees so you don't have to rehearse your part and leam your lines Sir? LIOTTA Watch it Benson I could blow right now BARRY This isn'ta goodfella This is a badfella! LIOTTA exploding trying to simash Barry with the Emmy Why doesn't someone just step on this little creep and we can all go home? You're all thinlcing it Say it! JUDGE Ordert Order in this courtroom! A MONTAGE OF NEWSPAPER HEADLINES FOLLOWS NEW YORK POST Bees to Humans Buzz OH NEW YORK TELEGRAM Sue Bee DAILY VARIETY Studio Dumps Liotta Project Slams Door on Unlawtul Entry 2 CUT TO SEQ 3175- CANDLELIGHT DINNER INT VANESSA'S APARTMENT Barry and Vanessa are having a candle light dinner Visble belund Barry is a LITTLE MISSY SET BOX with the flaps open BARRY Well I just think that was awtully nice of that bear to pitch in like that Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 78 VANESSA I'm telling you I think the jury's on our side BARRY Are we doing everything nght you know legally? VANESSA I'nm a flonst BARRY Right reglit Barry raises his glass BARRY CONTD Well bere's to a great team VANESSA To a great team They toast Ken ENTERS KEN Well US REVISIONS 81307 79 VANESSA Well there's still a tittle lett I could heat it up KEN Yeah heat it up Sure whatever Vanessa EXITS Ken and Barry look at each other as Barry eats BARRY So I hear you're quite a tenns player I'm not much for the game myself I find the ball a fittle grabby KEN That's where l usually sit Right there VANESSA 0C Ken Barry was looking at your resume and he agreed with me that eating with chopsticks isn't JS REVISIONS 81307 80 VANESSA Ken I let Barry borrow your razor for his fuzz I hope that was alright Ken luts his head on the table BARRY I'm gong to go drain the old stinger KEN Yealh you do that Barry EXITS to the bathroom grabbing a small piece of a VARIETY MAGAZINE on the way BARRY Oh look at that Ken slams the IS REVISIONS 81307 81 KEN It's funny I just can't seem to recall that! Ken WHACKS at Barry with the magazine He missés and KNOCKS EVERYTHING OFF THE VANITY Ken grabs a can of AIR FRESHENER KEN CONT'D I thunk something stinks in here He sprays at Barry BARRY I love the smell of flowers KEN Veahl How do you like the smell of flames? Ken lights the stream BARRY Not as much Barry flies in a circle Ken tryng to stay with him spins in place ANGLE ON Flames outside the bathroom door Ken slips on the Italian Vogue falls baciward into the shower pulling down the shoveer curtain The can hits him in the head tollowed by the shower curtam rod and the rubber duck Ken reaches back grabs the handheld shower head He whips around looking for Barry ANGLE ON A WATERBUG near the dran WATERBU6 Waterbug Not talung sides Barry is on the toilet tank He comes out from behind a shampoo bottle vearing a chapstick cap as a right to benefit from the bounty of nature God put before us If we were to live in the topsy-turvy world Mr Benson magines just think of what it would mean Maybe I would have to negotiate with the silk worm for the elastic in my bntches Tallong bee How do we know this isn't some sort of holographic motion picture capture Hollywood wizardry? They could be using laser beans robotics ventriloquism clorung for all we know he could be on steroids! Montgomery leers at Bany who moves to the stand Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 73 JUD GE Mr Benson? Barry makes his opening statement BARRY Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury there's no trickery here really a special skill KEN to Barry You think I don't see wihat you're doing7 BARRY Hey look I know how hard it is trying to find the rght job We certamly have that in common KEN Đo we? BARRY Well bees have 100% employment of course But we do jobs like taking the crud out KEN That's just what I was thiniing about doing Ken holds his table knife up It slips out of his hand He goes under the table to pick it up Bee Movie champagne down on the table Ken closes his eyes and bunes his face in fus hands He grabs a magazine on the way into the bathroom SEQ 2800 INT COURTROOM- NEXT DAY ANGLE ON Medium shot of Montgomery standing at his table MONTGOMERY We would like to call ADAM STINGS MONTY Only to losing son Only to losing Montgomery approaches the stand MONTGOMERY CONT'D Mr Benson Bee I'l ask you what I think we'd all like to lenow What exactly is your relationship to that woman? Montgomery points to Vanessa BARRY We're friends MONTGOMERY Good frnends? BARRY Yes MONTGOMERY softhy in Barry's face How good? BARRY What? MONTGOMERY Do you live together? BARRY Wait a minute this isn't about-- Bee Movie MONTGOMERY So those aren't even your teal parents' ANGLE ON Barry's parents MARTIN BENSON Oh Barry BARRY Yes they are! ADAM Hold me back! Vanessa holds him back vath a COFFEE STIRRER Montgomery porsts to Bany's parents MONTGOMERY You re an illegitimate bee aren'tyou Benson? ADAM He's denouncing bees! All the bees in the courtroom start to HUM They're agitated MONTGOMERY And don't y'all date your cousins? Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 86 MONTGOMERY Are you her little cleanng throat bed bug? BARRY fiustered Hey that's not the land of- MONTGOMERY I've seen a bee documentary or two Now from what l understand doesn't your Queen give birth to all the bee children in the live? BARRY Yeal but- come forward to suck the poison from my heaving buttocks? The JURY recoils JUD GE Please I will have order in this court Order! Order please! FADE TO SEQ 3400 - ADAM AT HOSPITAL INT HOSPITAL - STREET LEVEL ROOM - DAY PRESS PERSON #1 VO The case of the honey bees versus the human race took a pointed turn agaast the bees yesterday when one of ther legal team stung Layton T Montgomery Now here's Don with the 5-day A NURSE lets Barry into the room Bany CARRIES a FLOWER BARRY Thank you Barry stands over Adam in a bed Bany lays the fower down nexct to hiim The TV is on BARRY CONT'D Hey buddy ADAM Hey BARRY Is there much pam? Adam has a BEE-SIZED PA INKILLER HONEY BUTTON near his head that he presses ADAM pressing the button YeahI blew the whole case didn't Bee Movie in this world ADAM What do you think the humans will do to us it they wim? BARRY I don't know ADAM I hear they put the roaches un motels That doesn't sound so bad Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 90 BARRY Adam they check in but they don't check out Adam GULPS ADAM Oh my ANGLE ON the hosprtal window We see THREE PEOPLE smoking outside on the sidewallk The smoke drifts in Adam COUGHS ADAM CONT D Say could you get a urse to close that window? BARRY Why? ADAM The sinoke Bees don't smoke BARRY Right Bees don't smoke Bees don't smoke! But some bees are smoking Adam that's it! That's our case Adam starts putting lus dothes on ADAM It i? It's not over? BARRY No Get up Get dressed I've got to go somewhere Y ou get back the court and stalL Stall anyway you can CUT To SEQ 3500 - SMOKING GUN INT COURTROOM - THE NEXT DAY Adam is folding a piece of paper into a boat ADAMand assuming you've done step 29 correctiy you're ready for the tub Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 91 ANGLE ON The jury all with paper boats of their own JURORS Ooh ANGLE ON Montgomery frustrated with Gammil who's making a boat atso Monty crumples Gammil's boat and throws it at him JUD GE Mr Flayman? ADAM Yes? Yes Your Honor? JUDGE Where is the rest of your team? ADAM fumbling with his swordstinger Well your honor it's interesting You lnow Bees are trained to fily kind of haphazardly and as a result quite often we don't make very good time I actually once heard a pretty funny story about a bee MONTGOMERY Vour Honor haven't these ndiculous bugs taken up enough of this court's valuable time? Montgomery rolls out trom belund hus table He's suspended in a LARGE BABY CHAIR with wheels MONTGOMERY CONT'D How much longer are we going to allow these absurd shenangans to go on? They have presented no compelling evidence to support their charges agamst my clients who have all run perfectly legitimate businesses I move for a complete dismissal of thus entire case JUD GE Mr Flayman I am afraid I am going to have to consider Mr Montgomery's motion Bee Movie I5 REVISIONS 81307 89 BARRY Oh it doesn't matter The mportant thng is you're alrve You could thave died ADAM I'd be better off dead Look at me Adam THROWS the blanicet off his lap revealing a GREEN SANDWICH SWORD STINGER ADAM CONTD voice crackung They got it from the cafeteria they got it from downstairs In a tuna sandwich Loolt there's a little celery still on it BARRY What was it like to sting someone? ADAM I can't explain it It was all adrenalineand thenecstasy Bany loolks at Adam BARRY Alright ADAM You think that was all a trap? BARRY Of course I'm sorry I ftew us right into this What were we thinking? Look at us we're just a couple of bugs JS REVISIONS 81307 92 ADAM But you can't We have a temfic case MONTGOMERY Where is your machines in man-made vwooden slat work camps? Living out our tives as honey slaves to the white man? Barry gestures drammatically tovrards Montgomery's racially mixed table The BLACK LAWYER slowly moves his chair away GAMMIL What are we going to do? Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 93 MONTGOMERY to Pross He's playing the species card Barry tands on the scale of justice by the judge's bench It balances as he lands BARRY Ladies and gentlemen please FreeThese Bees! ANGLE ON Jury chanting Free the bees JUDGE The court funds in favor of the bees The chaos continues Bany flies over to Vanessa wits lis hand up for a high 5 BARRY Vanessa we won! VANESSA Yay! I knew you could do it Higlifive! She high 5's Bany sending tim JS REVISIONS 81307 94 PRESS PERSON 1 Barry bow much honey do you thinic is out there? BARRY AIinght alright one at a time SARAH Bany veho are you wearing? BARRY Ublih my sweater is to Ralph Lauren and I have no pants The Press follows Barry as he EXITS ANGLE ON Adam and Vanessa ADAM putting papers away What if Montgomery's nght? VANESSA What do you mean? ADAM We've been living the bee way a fong time 27 million years DISSOLVE TO SEQ 3600- HONEY ROUNDUP EXT HONEY FARMS APIARY - MONTAGE SARAH V0 Congratulations on your victory What are you going to demand as a settlement? BARRY V0 over montage First we're going to demand a complete shutdown of all bee work camps Then we want to get back all the honey that was ours to begın with Every last drop We demand an end to the glorification of the bear as anything more than a filthy smelly big-headed bad breath stink-machne Bee Movie TO EXT NEW HIVE CITY - MONTAGE The bees tear down a honey-bear statue CUT TO EXT YELLOWSTONE FOREST - MONTAGE POV of a sniper's crosstairs An animated BEAR character loolca-like turns his head towards camera BARRY Wait for my signal ANGLE ON Barny lowenng his buoculars BARRY CONTD Take bim out The sniper SHOOTS the bear It hits lum in the shoulder The bear looks at it He gets woozy and the honey jat falls out of his lap an ATF&H agent catches it Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 96 BARRY V0 CONTD ATF&H AGENT to the bear's pig friend He 'l lave a little nausea for a few hours then he ll be fine CUT TO EXT STING'S HOUSE - MONTAGE ATF&H agents SLAP CUFFS on Sting who is meditating STING But it's just a prance-about stage name! CUT TO INT A WOMAN'S SHOWER - MONTAGE A WOMAN is takting a shoveer and using honey shampoo An ATF&H agent pulls the shower curtain aside and grabs her bottle of shampoo The woman SCREAMS The agent tums to the 3 other agents and Barry ANGLE ON Barry looking at the label on the shampoo bottle slaking his head and writing in his clipboard CUT TO EXT SUPERMARKET CAFE - MONTAGE Another customer an old lady having her tea with a little jar of honey gets her face pushed down onto the table and turned to the side by two agents One of the agents as a gun on her OLD LADY Can't breathe CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK - MONTAGE An OIL DRUM of honey is connected to Barry's hive Bee Movie REVISIONS 81307 97 BARRY Bring it m boys CUT TO SEQ 3650 - NO MORE WORK INT HONEX - MONTAGE ANGLE ON The lhoney goes past the 3-cup hash-mark and begins to overflow A WORKER BEE runs up to BuZzwell WORKER BEE 1 Mr Buzzwell vee just passed 3 cups and there's gallons mores coming I think we need to shutdovm KEYCHAIN BEE to Buzzwell Shutdown? We've never shutdown ANGLE ON Buzzwell overlooking the factory floor BUZZWELL Shutdown honey production! Stop making honey! ANGLE ON TWO BEES each vith a KEY BUZZZWELL CONTD Turn your key Su! They turn the keys simuitaneously War Games-style shutting down the honey machines ANGLE ON the Taffy-Pull machine Centifuge and Krelman all slovwly come to a stop The bees look around be wildered WORKER BEE S WIhat do we do nove? A BEAT WORKER BEE 6 Gannon ball! He jumps into a HONEY VAT doesn't penetrate the surface He looks around and slowly sinks down to his waist Bee Movie - IS REVISIONS 81307 98 EXT HONEX FACTORY THE WHISTLE BLOWS and the bees all stream out the exit CUT TO INT J-GA TE - CONTINUOUS Lou Loduca gives orders to the pollen jocles LOU LODUCA We're shutting doven honey production Mission abort CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK Jackson recerves the orders mid-pollimation JACKSON Aborting pollination and nectar detail Returning to base CUT TO EXT NEW HIVE CITY ANGLE ON Bees putting sun-tan lotion on their noses and antennae and sunning themselves on the balcories of the gyms CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK ANGLE ON THE FLOWERS starting to DROOP CUT TO INT J-GATE J-Gate is deserted CUT TO Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 99 EXT NEW HIVE CITY ANGLE ON Bees sunning themselves A TIMER DINGS and they all turn over CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK TIME LAPSE of Central Park turning brown CUT TO EXT VANESSA'S FLORIST SHOP CLOSE-UP SHOT Vanessa wntes Sony No more flowers on a Closed sign an turns it facing out CUT TO SEQ 3700- IDLE HIVE EXT NEW HIVE CITY - DAY Barry flies at bigh speed TRACKING SHOT into the luve through the lobby of Honex and into Adam's office CUT TO INT ADAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Bany meets Adan m lus office Adam's office is in disanay There are papers everywhere He's filling up his cardboard hexagon box BARRY out of breath Adam you wouldn't believe lhow much honey was out there ADAM Oh yeaht BARRY What's going on around here? Where is everybody? Are they out celebrating? Bee Movie of making it ANGLE ON Adam's desk on it's side in the ball ADAM CONT'D Thus was my new desk This was my new job I wanted to do it really well And nowand now I can't Adam EXITS CUT TO SEQ 3900 CONTINUOUS Barry sees Vanessa's flower pots and small garden have all turned brown BARRY What happened here? VANESSA That is not the half of it Vanessa turns Barny around with her two fingers revealing the view of Central Park which is also all broun BARRY Oh no Oh my They're all wiftng VANESSA Doesn't look very good does it? BARRY No VANESSA And wbo's fault do you think that is? Bee Movie So you take away the produce that affects the entire anumal kungdom And then of course BARRY The human species? VANESSA cfearing throat Ahem! BARRY Oh So if there's no more pollination it could all just go south here couldn't it? VANESSA And I know this is also partly my fault Barry takes a long SIGH BARRY How about a suicide part? VANESSA not sure if he's joling How would we do it? BARRY I'I stng you you step on me Bee Movie STREET - CONTINUOUS Vanessa gets into a cab Barry ENTERS BARRY Vanessa Why are you leaving? Wbere are you going? VANESSA To the final Touruament of Roses parade in Pasadena They moved it up to this weekend because all the flowers are dymg It's the last chance I'll ever have to see it BARRY Vanessa I just want to say I'm sorry I never meant it to turn out like this VANESSA I lnow Me nerther Vanessa cab drives away Bee Movie INT TAXI - CONTINUOUS Barry motions for her to roll the window down She does so BARRY Roses VANES Just zoom in Meme

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