ACCORDING TO CONGRESS THEY DESERVE A RAI SE $174000 SNTENOUGH TOLIVEON! Term Limits US Congress SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS WILL NOT RECEIVE A COST OF LIVING INCREASE IN 2016! THIS HAS HAPPENED 3 TIMES IN THE PAST 40 YEARS ALL 3 TIMES SINCE 2010! IT'S TIME TO REMIND CONGRESS THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT US NOT THEMSELVES! Sign our petition here! We CAN impose term limits without Congress' approval! 🎯🎯httptermlimitsforuscongresscome-petitionhtml 🎯🎯 I can't begin to describe how angry this makes me Don't try to tell me that the CPI determines SS COLA's because we all know that the CPI includes factors such as gas prices that have NO impact on a senior citizen's needs Housing food and medical are the 3 primary costs to senior citizens and ALL THREE have gone up! Since this first happened in 2010 NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF EITHER PARTY HAS TRIED TO FIX IT! Neither party wants to fix this problem because the less that's paid out the more they get their greedy hands on That's right Anything left over in the SS Trust Fund each year gets converted to US Treasury Bonds and the cash goes into the General Funds which Congress can then do anything they want with If watching Congress squeeze the life out of our parents and grandparents REPEATEDLY doesn't anger you I've got to doubt your moral compass! DAMN IT PEOPLE! What level of atrocity is it going to take to get you to STAND UP and GET INVOLVED? There is no more time to sit on our butts and hope someone else is going to fix things! With the second option of Article 5 we can pass a Term Limits Amendment without Congress's approval! With this one amendment we destroy every long term relationship with lobbyists and provide a turnover rate that guarantees that they will never again control a majority in Congress! With this one amendment we can guarantee that no person spends 30 or 40 years becoming more powerful and dictating how everyone else in hisher party must vote! If you're ready to get involved and help take the next step! Here's a listing of the state pages! I challenge you to go to your state page and let them know you want to fill a petition 15 signatures httpswwwfacebookcomnotesterm-limits-for-us-congressstate-leaders-and-state-facebook-pages783469188341832 Learn more about this grassroots movement FAQs about Term Limits for US Congress httpswwwfacebookcomnotesterm-limits-for-us-congressfrequently-asked-questions-everything-you-could-possibly-want-to-know-about-our-740304855991599 Meme

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