ACT Careers and Employment Government Executive Assistant Details Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but never got your owl? We are calling all Muggles who would like to experience the magic of Access Canberra We're searching for an Executive Assistant to the Minister of Magic Deputy Director-General and Professor Dumbledore Chief Operating Officer You'll need Harry's resourcefulness Hermione's logic and reason Ron's comic timing and even a little of Neville's hard-won ability to say no You will be working alongside the Heads of the various Access Canberra Houses to keep Hogwarts running smoothly You will be keeper of the Time Turner ensuring the diaries are kept in order and deadlines are met Your record keeping will rival a Pensieve and your organisation will make the Sorting Hat jealous We'll provide a supportive team ready for any challenge an exciting array of activity-based working ABW workplaces in the City Woden and Dickson and access to the behind the scenes magic of keeping a complex organisation humming along From my local council Meme

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