Active Soaring Wings Long and narrow Excellent for soaring flying without flapping over water as long as wind currents are favorable Passive Soaring Wings Long and broad wings ending in long primary feathers with wide gaps in between These slots help the bind take advantage of columns of rising hot air allowing it to soar without reliable wind currents Elliptical Wings Optimized for bursts of fast tightly controlled flight Excellent at taking off quickly maneuvering through branches and avoiding predators Ordinary flight is slow and sually requires flapping High-Speed Wings Medium-long and narrow optimized for sustained speed Hovering Wings Small relative to body size Excellent for tightly controlled flight and hovering Articulates mostly at the shoulder rather than the wrist O Primary feathers Secondary feathers Primary coverts Secondary coverts Wing Shale Marginal coverts Scapulars Alithographica laughoutloud-club Understanding wings Meme

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