Actually before T contihue I should robably explian who Silas Scratch is since a bunch of the auvs think it miaht be him which is stupid and wrona but I don't waht there to be any cohfusion Ok so Silas Scratch was some old-ass farmer from the ie tham War or wha tever He weht insahe atter the fighting ended ahd scratched his childrens and wifes eyes out while burnin S farm dowh He was caught ahd was sent to the prisoh hear our camp The story sorta splits from there Some say he was killed in prison or that hes still there rambling about his fallen comrades But some and keep in mind these are a vast minority of people believe he escaped and is still in the woods waitin or his next Victim оћ well we'd better get going now at a lodd of bullshit Beware of Silas Scratch Part 3 Meme

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