ADL Regarding ADL THE ADL BLACKMAIL STUFF IS A HOAX STARTED BY 4CHAN TO TRY AND SPARK CONTROVERSY all opinionsstatements are mine HI 4Chan and other alt-right groups are spending a fot of time and effort trying to start some conspiracy theories about adi blackmailing felix to donate them $50000 which is completely false here and here are some of the 4chan posts trying to start this raidhoax 4chan Please stop spamming the subreddit youtube comment section about this m assuming the reason the comments on youtube are being deleted is because people are spamming the same comments terms over and over and over again eading the anti spam algorithim to believe it's a massive spam attack Felx donated to ADLhe is not controlled by employed by or in any other way atffilated with the ADL What the hell is this? TLDR alt right trols are trying to stir up yet another shitstorm please don't give them what they want EditRegardless of your opinion of the ADL there is a made with mematic What?! Yes I used mematic Meme

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