Admin This is a question for everyone who works in residence life and lives in a residence hall on campus How has living in a residence building impacted your sex life? Having a good sex life is something that is very important to me As I'm about to graduate grad school in May and will be job searching I'm considering not applying for res life positions because I want to ensure that I have the privacy to be as loud as I please in bed I'm VERY loud and also that it's not awkward for me to bring people home after dates I'm single I am also open to the idea of a polyamorous relationship if it happens one day and I'm curious how that would be perceived in a res life context To add more into the mix I'm kinky in some respects and worry how other people in the building would perceive me if they found out With all of this context should I just steer clear of res life positions? Or are there people in res life with similar feelingsexperiences? This was posted in one of my Facebook groups earlier Enjoy! Meme

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