adrift-beyond-the-moon: misteryada: odric-master-swagtician: loafed-beans: ethereal-insight: fedkaczynski: allamericankindofguy-actual: fedkaczynski: What’s funny is that this actually happened.  I’m unfamiliar with this story please elaborate Finnish soldier gets separated from the rest of his unit but he’s the only one carrying the emergency amphetamines for the unit, takes too many and goes on a one man rampage for like 2 weeks straight giving the opposing Soviet soldiers nightmares for decades. Oh and he did it all on skis.  Did he survive? Yes, during his methed up 2-3 week rampage he got injured by a land mine, travelled 400km on skis, and only ate pine buds and a Siberian Jay that he caught which he ate raw. When he made it back to Finnish lines he was taken to a hospital where it was found his heart rate was nearly 200 beats per minute and his weight had dropped to 43kg (94.7lbs). His name was Aimo Koivunen if you want to look him up Those are the eyes of a man who has seen god and laughed Those are the eyes of a man who has seen god, slapped them in the face and stole their skis