AFRICA IN 10 MILLION YEARS Moving Mountains Older ranges of Himalayas moved northward new batch of landmass crumpled into mountains The Awakening South Aegean Volcanic Arc regains new activity as magma from subducting African plate fuel volcanoes New Himalayas Saudi Arabian landmass collides into Asia as the East African Rift widens uplifting seabed and land into mountains New Activity Parting Lands East African Rift Valley system opens up Volcanic formation and earthquakes occur as Atlantic's oceanic crust subduct enough to be filled with ocean water Fiery Birth New volcanic arc formed as African plate subducts under Indo-Australian plate The Accumulation Indonesian archipelago uplifts further and merges with each other as a result of continuous convergent creating a useless-indonesiafacts parmigianana historical-nonfiction What Will the Continent of Africa Look Like in 10 Million Years? @useless-indonesiafacts we’ll be a megapeninsulaa whaaatt??? No more swimming from island to island we order g*jek or gr*b to visit our sweetheart Meme

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