After calming down a little since yesterday's game I would like to point out a few things First of all this kid right here Réguilon was amazing What a player he is bullying Semedo and Piqué If anyone deserved this game to be won it surely was him and Vinicius Second of all Vinicius is going to be one of the most brilliant players of his generation People saying he sucks because of his finishing should stop watching football We can't rely on a 19 year old to knock out Barcelona and then blame him for the loss even though he toyed with the Barça defense multiple times He gave a LOT yesterday and he deserves the credit There's so much this kid can do on a football pitch and he showed it once again yesterday Lastly we played good football and I'm proud of my team for that Barça with two shots on target won 0-3 Scoring goals wins you game and that's what happened yesterday Football is sometimes cruel but we have to move on Meme

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