AFTER THE REVOLUTION THEy WENT DOOR TO DOOR WITH A CARD ON IT WERE THREE LETTERS if 91 READ IT OUT LOUD TIF! FOR SOME THAT WAS ALL C THE REST OF US WE DIED WITH OUR HONOR aphnorwegian mxcleod egalitarianqueen kibosh-josh-mahgosh egalitarianqueen rougaroucojones radarmatt rougaroucojones karolinedianne spangledshieldsandsilverwings Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format when graphics is pronounced “JAFFICKS” Then I will pronounce Gif with a “J” ^ This It’s followed by an R of course it would be a hard g But Giraffe is a soft g Genius is a soft g Gin is pronounced with a soft g too GIF is I following a g it would be pronounced with a soft g It aint Jif peanut butter though It would still be pronounced like that The general rule is if the g is followed by an e or i it’s soft g U or a consonant is generally a hard g I will DIE WITH MY HONOR Gear == Jear Get == Jet Gift == Jift Give == Jive In English words with a ‘G’ followed by an ‘e’ or an ‘i’ can be pronounced with either a hard ‘G’ or a soft ‘G’ Words with Germanic roots such as ‘gear’ ‘get’ ‘gift’ ‘give’ see above are pronounced with a hard ‘g’ while words with Latin or Greek roots such as ‘gem’ ‘general’ ‘giraffe’ ‘giant’ are pronounced with a soft ‘g’ So no it’s not exactly a “general rule” that ‘g’ followed by an ‘e’ or an ‘i’ makes a soft ‘g’ sound Additionally “GIF” is an ACRONYM starting with a word that begins with a hard ‘g’ sound so “GIF” is therefore pronounced with a hard ‘g’ We fight with honor Meme

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