^AGEND44 TO DO LIST Keep'em Poor Keep'em Sick Keep'em Stupid Control the Women No to Minimum Wage Break the Unions Cut Welfare Programs Cut Social Security Deregulatation Gut the Dodd-Frank Act Cut Food Aid Repeal Obamacare Cut Disability Benefits Privatize Veterans Health Care Cut HIV Prevention Funding Deny Science Revise History Categorize Demonize Terrify Cut Pre-school Programs Cuts to Higher Education Cut Sex Education NO to Net Neutrality e Implement all of the above PLUS> Vote NO to Equal Pay Cut Wages for Tipped workers NO to Affordable Childcare Pro-Life-NO Choice NO Exceptions Close down Planned Parenthood Anti-Contraception Redefine Rape Personhood Amendments Feticide Laws Criminalize Miscarriages Doctor Mandated Reporting of Miscarriages and Abortions to the State Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds Rollback Maternity Coverage Omit protections in the Violence Against Women Act Blame Single Moms for Poverty Welfare Fraud Breeding Criminals and Destroying the Fabric of America Meme

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