agenderromania epsimanfetish agenderromania ok so timmy turner is currently 10 and he got his fairy parents when he was 8 since in the opening title it suggests he got his fairy parents after he got his baby sitter Vicky and the wiki says they hired her when he was 8 there are 9 seasons of fairly oddparents with 150 episodes per season which leads unto a total of 1350 fucking episodes so he's has these fairy parents for 3 years which is 1095 days this suggests that EVERYDAY sometimes even TWICE A DAY Timmy fucking Turner went through all of the shenanigans of every episode every single day holy shit all of those events take place with 3 years of each other within 3 years he's seen cosmo get fucking pregnant with A MAGIC FAIRY BABY GOTTEN A MAGIC DOG AND NOW HE HAS TO SHARE HIS FAIRY PARENTS WITH SOME OTHER KID who looks like she could be his sister for some reason because they got lazy AND ITS STILL GOING!!!! WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH MORE SHIT THIS 10 YEAR OLD IS GOING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS CHILD HASNT CAUGHT A BREAK IN 3 YEARS actually there's an episode where it's found out that timmy made an illegal wish so that no one would age and also wished that Cosmo would forget that he ever granted said wish when asked when he made the wish Timmy guessed around 50 years implying that he's at least 60 years old holy fuck This ruined my dayomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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