AH oahs This little fellow is Costello an 18 year old quiet shy macaque His best friend is Rusty another male macaque Unlike Rusty Costello prefers the climate-controlled indoors of his habitat complete with skylights but when he is outdoors you can often find the pair of them giving each other a thorough grooming Despite being shy Costello isn’t afraid to voice his approval when handed a piece of fruit which he’ll take with him up the nearest tree and vocalize to the world about! It is thanks to you that Noah’s Ark is able to help rescue and care for our beautiful animal friends We are blessed to be able to count on your loyalty and generosity and hope you will continue to support Noah’s Ark in the future Have a wonderful relaxing evening wwwnoahs-arkorg #NoahsArkAnimalSanctuary #MonkeyMonday #BLT #ShareTheDream Bringing Children & Animals Together Meme

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