AHSIEH Should Climate Change Be Taught In School? Schools should teach about Schools should teach that Schools should not teach Don't know climate change and its impacts on our environment economy and society anything about climate change climate change exists but not the potential impacts 100% 6% 7% 9% 13% 17% 8% 6% 10% 10% 80% 12% 16% 17% 12% 60% 17% 81% 40% 74% 68% 66% 49% 20% 0% Overall Teachers Parents Democrats Republicans Source NPRlpsos polls of 1007 US adults conducted March 21-22 and 505 teachers conducted March 21-29 The credibility interval for the overall sample is 35 percentage points parents 73 percentage points and teachers 50 percentage points Totals may not add up to 100 percent because of rounding npr Credit Alyson HurtNPR Teachers Who Cover Climate Change Differ From Those Who Don't Teach climate change All teachers Don't teach climate change Overall 71% I feel comfortable answering students' questions about climate change 91% 56% Overall 52% There should be state laws in place that require teaching climate change 38% 70% Thave the resources I need to answer students' questions about climate change Overall 51% 77% 32% Overall 41% My students have brought up climate change in the classroom this year 14% 78% My school or school district encourages us to discuss climate change in the Overall 37% classroom 64% 18% Overall 29% I worry about parent complaints when it comes to teaching climate change 29% 30% Overall 21% I would be personally uncomfortable if I had to teach about climate change 15% 27% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Source NPRIpsos polls of 505 teachers conducted March 21-29 The credibility interval for the overall sample is 5 percentage points npr Credit Alyson HurtNPR npr More than 80% of parents in the US support the teaching of climate change And that support crosses political divides according to the results of an exclusive new NPRIpsos poll Whether they have children or not two-thirds of Republicans and 9 in 10 Democrats agree that the subject needs to be taught in school A separate poll of teachers found that they are even more supportive in theory — 86% agree that climate change should be taught These polls are among the first to gauge public and teacher opinion on how climate change should be taught to the generation that in the coming years will face its intensifying consequences children And yet as millions of students around the globe participate in Earth Day events on Monday our poll also found a disconnect Although most states have classroom standards that at least mention human-caused climate change most teachers aren’t actually talking about climate change in their classrooms And fewer than half of parents have discussed the issue with their children Most Teachers Don’t Teach Climate Change 4 In 5 Parents Wish They Did Illustration Angela HsiehNPRCharts Alyson HurtNPR Meme

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