Aleli Miranda otigerleli Never underestimate what a university student would do to get out of an exam lmao @ 92% ■ ROGERS KO Zacharey Watson Kaitlyn Wiens Good evening everyone I have some troublingn 026 Details Andrew Woolford To Andnew Ce Georgis&54 Helto everyone Praine Skye Young-BroanZainab Yuso Someone is impersonating me trying to delay the test The test will happen tomorrow Anyone found to be impersonating a professor to put off Feb13 Test oday at 20 Andrew Woolford To Andriw Co Gegrg&mone 02 Good evening everyone I have some troubling news about the test tomorrow I have a family emergency right now meaning i will not be able to attend class tomorrow we wi be ced to push the test back a class This will give everyone one more day to prepare Sorry for the inconvenience Please note that a fake gmail adidress was created using my name to try to pull off this hoax Again I repeat the test will wake place tomorrow Best Andrew SP Best The real Andrew Woolford This is hilarious 🤣 Meme

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