Alex Davison @ihatealexd Follow Women didn't grow up on Star Wars the way men did It's true Women didn't exist until 2006 when we leapt fully grown out of the ether flowery deodorant and a copy of Cosmo in each hand 530 AM 10 Jan 2018 8300 Retweets 30432 Likes gayforbagels pentag0nal This is my friend TJ wearing a costume she made for Halloween 1977 She was 16 at the timeNow keep in mind there was no internet to search for images She could not have rented and paused the movie because it wasn’t released on video until 1982 No TJ just went to the movie a bunch of times took notes with a flashlight drew a bunch of sketches and put this togetherIn 19-fucking-77 So let’s bury this bullshit about how women didn’t grow up on Star Wars Hell yeah TJ Meme

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