Alex Zalben @azalben How about we use predictive text to write our own epitaphs? Write Here lies YOUR NAME preferred pronoun was and let your phone finish the rest Mine is Here lies Alexander Zalben He was clearly not wrong stillwaitingforaliens celticpyro vikinglumberjack tabbythekouhai ellieintheskywithdiamonds noseforahtwo huhpotatoes frogmp3 Here lies Asia They are not going to be able to make it Here lies Kay She is a great friend Here lies Nosy She nasty and it’s not as complicated as I’m making it here lies ellie she has been haunting my existence with discourse since retsupurae went after him Here lies Tabby she was a good female character Here Lies Alexis Molina She was a jitatan octopus Here lies CelticPyro She was just going to be a good mom 😳😳😳 Here lies Marie She was just about to go back to normal Here lies Rynn She was supposed to be a good person but she didn’t know how to make her own kids Meme

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