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Forbidden Memories Speedrun TWICE Harasses and Copyright Strikes True World Record speedrun Holder 127k 650 This thread is in reference to CaveiraGames the YouTuber who had a thread posted about him a few days ago httpwwwredditcomrspeedruncommentsc7txr2cheating_awareness_random_youtuber_tries_to_claim practicing strats JOINED I am going to post exactly what happened here and it will be long There will be a TLDR at the bottom but please read the entire thing to get the full story CREATE POST CaveiraGames httpswwwyoutubecomuserCaveiraH DGames is a Brazilian YouTuber with roughly 30000 subscribers He previously had another Youube account with more than 100000 subscribers but it was deleted There is controversy around who deleted the channel however It is said that he sexually harassed one of his female viewers and had his YouTube deleted from YouTube but some others say that it was his ex-girlfriend who deleted the channel However most people seem to agree that he did indeed sexually harass a female viewer I obviously personally have no proof of this happening other than the fact his channel was deleted by someone which is fact but I wanted to mention it since it helps show the character this individual is COMMUNITY OPTIONS ADVERTISEMENT A few days ago he posted a speedrun of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories to YouTube of a run where he got a 310 This was the first run he ever did and that time is insanely good 3rd place on the leaderboards for anyone to get even veterans of the game In the video which he removed from YouTube there are multiple incredibly obvious signs that he is cheating using Gameshark or a similar program like Cheat Engine on the emulator he's using One of the most obvious was when he wins the card Beast Fangs When you win a card in FM it shows the name of the card AND the ID of the card some number out of 722 When he won Beast Fangs the ID of the card did NOT match Beast Fangs This is not a glitch that happens in FM and has never once happened to anyone The only possible way it can happen is cheating SEARCH BY FLAIR World Record Personal Best Discussion He submitted his run to Speedruncom and it was rejected obviously for cheating After that the Reddit thread I posted previously was posted about him Meme Glitch Event Video Production GDQ Meta The very same day during my livestream I stream on YouTube as does he CaveiraGames was also livestreaming and he sent his viewers into my chat to spam it At the time he had around 700 viewers My chat was flooded with thousands of spam messages while I was playing a completely different game not talking about CaveiraGames at all INFORMATION What is rspccdrun? When this happened I decided to try and change their minds They all believed he did not cheat I pulled up his video on- stream and played roughly 20 seconds of it in an attempt to locate the exact moment when he won that Beast Fangs to explain why that proves he cheated I did so and actually changed quite a few minds The spam continued for the rest of Irspeedrun is a subreddit for the speedrunning community Speedrunning is a play-through of a video game performcd with the intent of completing a goal as fast as possible the stream and ruined the remainder of the stream CaveiraGames also tried to prove his innocence during a livestream by showing the files on his computer this was 3 days after the run so it would prove nothing regardless When he did this you could see both Gameshark and Codebreaker another Gameshark-type program were both downloaded 4 days before his run and were both placed inside his Playstation 1 emulator folder This makes sense as the card ID not matching the card won is consistent with using those Public Mod Logs speedruncom programs to cheat Whoops Resources for Newcomers The community FAQ For the next few days every single livestream I did was spammed to some degree Sometimes only 50 showed up sometimes only 20-30 I banned them and moved on I no longer cared about the situation and did not want my streams ruined anymore Check out these tips from uAnAngryPanda and ZE3Z Need an explanation on anything speedrun? uGomezTheDragon has got you covered This is around the time I reported him to YouTube for harassment for the big raid he did Sending your viewers into someone else's channel with the sole intent to spam is against YouTube ToS I also watched a bit of his stream that night as his chat was constantly talking about me This is when I noticed that whenever he gets a decently large donation he gets up from his chair and shows his bare ass live on stream This is clearly against YouTube's ToS so I reported him for that as well with a timestamp Looking for a specific community discord? Check this list Speedrunning Discord Channel Upcoming Marathons Days passed nothing happened to him Handheld Heroes Summer 2019 July 12-14 Nescathlon July 13 Yesterday in an attempt to prove he is legitimate he began livestreaming the game again speedrunning it again On his first run he got a 305 which would be 2nd place This run was also cheated as the exact same card ID not matching card happened EDIT Link to 2nd cheated run httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v=19H Meme

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