Alice Today 1308 Cheesy line creative Alice in Wonderland riff or bad name pun? Alice in wonderland every time! Curiouser and curiouser! cried Alice she was so much surprised by a creative response instead of a dick pic that she quite forgot how to speak good English The Cheshire Cat stretched beside her continuing to grin as he opined he'll still be mad you know But I don't want want to date mad people Alice remarked Oh you can't help that said the Cat This is Tinder We're all mad here I'm mad You're mad How do you know I'm mad? said Alice You must be said the Cat or you wouldn't be on Tinder Alice fell silent as she thought about this before deciding that being mad might not be so bad after all It would almost certainly help when dealing with the rest of the world Would you tell me please which way ought to go from here? That's easy said the Cat Out Out? asked Alice to whom this made no sense at all Out of what? Not out OF anything chided the Cat Out WITH Oh do stop talking in riddles said Alice accompanied by a well-practiced glare that implied some unspoken violence might ensue You ought said the Cat beginning to shimmer and vanish once more to go out with HIM oh I love it Maybe the original is due an update GIF Type a message Lets see how deep this rabbit hole goes Meme

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