alienshepard trained video game designers who get paid thousands of dollars for making video game some things are way too difficult to create with this engine you have to understand that we are very limited in our possibilities for this game modders with a pirated version of photoshop who work full jobs outside the video game industry hey guys I made 100 hairstyles and re-textures of 750 outfits during my lunch time Also this female char- acter now has proper armor and can be romanced by a female protag I was kinda busy last night but here are 20 new complexions you can download for free bloodofshiagur also modders hey guys! i created an unofficial bug patch that fixed 185930 places where the game coulddoes crash cuts loading time in half and restores broken dialogue and new choices to allow better avenues of conversation! please just endorse and give me feedback cOurier-six you can say Bethesda it's okay todd can't hurt you thepurpleotakutrashcan Are you sure @cOurier-six? cOurier-six have no power here You Howard theamazingsallyhogan cOurier-six Deactivated Every second you arent running is a second closer you get to waking up on a carriage followed by Hey You Youre finally awake Meme

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