All Female Lord of the Flies Remake Will Be Written By Two Men Slash Film - 1 hour ago being-of-rain uselessgaywhovian organasrey organasrey theres so many things wrong here i want to Scream hollywood is such a fuckjng mess you all know why lord of the flies was written about little boys? golding very specifically believed that 1 he was not qualified to write about little girls as he had never experienced being one 2 he did not believe that the same events would transpire if it had been girls because he thought boys behaviour more likely to paint a picture of male dominated society and its problems you can’t keep a female version of the story ‘faithful’ to the book because then it would be unfaithful to what the author was originally trying to portray why dont you go and spit on goldings grave while you’re at it too Wasn’t LOTF also written in response to an older book that kind of depicted British boysmen as the golden children of reason and civilization and Golding who taught at a boys’ school was like “lol have you met any actual boys” This is the physical manifestation of men saying “what if it was the other way round?” with no thought of context or history Meme

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