ALL forms of mercury are classified as a GENETIC TERMINATOR Thirrmosal is 495% mercury Like Reply Message 1d Edited Hide 17 Replies Nope Like Reply Message d Please prove me wrong Like Reply Message 1d The Logic of Science Let me try to explain it this way Sodium is extremely reactive It literally explodes when it touches water Chlorine is highly toxic at anything but very low doses Table salt aka sodium chloride is 50% sodium and 50% chlorine Does that mean that it will explode when it touches water and give you chlorine poisoning? Obviously not When sodium and chlorine are together they change each others properties and neither chemical behaves the way it would by itself The same thing is true with mercury The ethyl group in ethyl- mercury changes the mercury's properties just like the chlorine changes the sodium's properties PS No forms of mercury are classified as genetic terminators because that is not a term that is used to classify chemicals It's literally a made-up term th 0592 Like Reply 1m Edited at no regulatory bodies use The Logic of Science As a final note you have the burden of proof backwards when you insist that other people need to prove you wrong You made the claim therefore you are responsible for providing evidence to support the claim No one is obligated to discredit the claim or take it seriously until you have provided evidence 0S66 laughoutloud-club Anti-vax gets destroyed Meme

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