All Served with Gherkin & Sweetcorn Relish In a Seeded Brioche Bun 01' Dirty Burger £1350 Served Pink Ketchup Mustard American Cheese Pickled Onion Streaky Bacon As a Platter? With Pulled Brisket & Buffalo Wings £2000 cowpigchicken Burger £1600 heddar Cheese Pulled Pork Fried Pulled Chicken Burger Sauce 冰 a Platter? With St Louis Ribs & Chicken Thigh £2000 Donald Rump 1850 9oz House Pressed Dry Aged Beef Burger American & Cheddar Cheese Bone Marrow Butter Chargrilled Picanha Steak Gravy Dip Beefy Cheesey Bit of an arse! Southerm Fried Chicken Burger £1450 Southern Fried Chicken Breast Streaky Bacon American Cheese Chilli Mayo & Hippy Garnish Make it a Buffalo & Blue? £250 As a Platter? Add St Louis Ribs & Buffalo Wings £2000 Phat Chef Burger £1500 Mac 'n' Cheese Potato Hash Brown Pulled Fried Chicken Burger Sauce As a Platter? With Pulled Pork St Louis Ribe & Buffalo Wings £2200 nTer f1500 Meme

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