ALL THE STYLES OF FRENCH FRIES RANKED FOOD REPUBLIC O WAFFLE FRIES BELGIAN FRIES ⑥TATER TOTS Potatoes cut on a corrugated slicer rotated 90 degrees before each slice to create a pertorated wafflc Irregularly sliced doublé-fried potatoes served in a cone w Grated porboiled potatoes f nto small nuRgets and frind © STANDARD CUT GARLIC FRIES CURLY FRIES Potitoes evolý cut medium thin fded once Any cut of frios sprinided with sauteed minced garlc and chopped porsey Potatoes siked with a curly try Cuttes or spirolizer und fried rnglets SHOESTRING CRINKLE-CUT CHEESE FRIES MATCHSTICK Potatoes thick-cut on a corrugated dicer then iced into wavy batons and fried Any style of fries with cheese melted on top Potatoes slced very thiny using a mandoline or ulienne cutter and D CHIPS BRITISH SWEET Thick-cut fries ustially cdouble fried to mamize crisness Shorter potatoes cut chunkier than standard frics traditiona served with mait vineg POTATO FRIES Any cut of fries made with swoet potatoes instead of russet or 3 POTATo D CHILI CHEESE COTTAGE FRIES WEDGES Potatoes cut into thick sices then cut on an angle to make triangul Potatoes thick-cut ogated sieer and fried Ary cit of fries topped with chil and melted chosb POMMES T POTATO SOUFFLES Potatoes sliced mediumoth and fried once in hot oil then hottor oil unt they ouff up TORNADO A whole potato on a shewer thinly siced thirough to make o spiral fanned out and deep-frd Potatoes cut into thick rounds with a and deep face stamped out agin in FOODREPUBLICCOM ILLUSTRATIONS BY MIKE HOUSTON AND NAOKO SAITO memehumor The whole country is mad about this chart ranking the best kinds of fries Meme

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