all Verizon 0215 talktotransformerconm Barack Obama s penis is a real thing but the picture of it is completely wrong On August 5 Obama's spokesperson Eric Schultz released this statement He did not urinate on himself while in bed last night while traveling on Air Force One during the State Of the Union address He never stood in front of another person And it is not his penis that fell out of his pants because of that incident it's his clotheS Obama's pants are completely covered in dirt and in fact they do have a hole in them You may remember how we covered it up as a matter of course! But let's take a look at the picture of Obama's penis and how he managed to urinate on himself because no matter what one thinks this is a real thing There is no doubt in my mind that Obama's pants did not fall out And if you go to the official White House website you can see that his pants were not covered The picture of Obama's penis Privacy Terms Share The state of the union address Meme

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