all Voda NZ 540 PM 44%- Tweet Amalas @AmalasRosa Wow It's almost like fanfic writers take writing seriously and train their craft like every other artist beachdeath a few weeks back i looked up the source of we deserve a soft epilogue my love because it's such a lovely evocative line and i wanted to know the name of the poet who wrote it and it was from captain america fanfiction softpluto in whatever manner it comes to be love is never wrong especially between one who has so much of it to give and one so desperately in need of it is from a naruto fanfic we're living in a web of lies 220418 804 AM 4983 Retweets 9757 Likes Tweet your reply evansrogerskitten git-writing-good fanfictionwriter101 I’d like everyone to see this Credit to amalasrosa on Twitter Writers are writers regardless what they write There are fanfic writers and unheard of writers who write more and better than New York Times bestsellers Lots So keep your head up and write on no matter what you write! Fanfic writers are not less talented or worthy than published writers! Meme

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