Allies include Spartans lizard monks blind Dad is the freaking Emperor of freaking Japan The Virgin Universe THE SAMURAI CHAD archers canine archaeologists Shaolin warriors Dad is rich but Character designs are ocean aliens a lava monster a mad scientist a chooses to live just more CalArts rehashes that constantly like a degenerate wage slave giant samurai robot an ambiguous creature that shapeshifts into something more powerful when angeredAND THREE GODS CHAD CHAD CHAD CHAD CHAD Created by an entitled Millennial Only 62 episodes hardly ever nitpicked Unique and iconic character designs go off model SJW snowflake previously known for Ed Edd n Eddy child porn Created by a hard-working Generation X immigrant who by fans on the Internet correctly proportioned throughout Allies include a lesbian couple who Had a rich multicultural education escaped the antisemitism of the Soviet Union and grew up can't fight unless mashed together a in a variety of combative and non-combative skills plus the Over 150 episodes nitpicking the show is its own Internet subculture perpetually grief-stricken maid obsessed with his mom and an to give life to the authentic languages of all his teachers work of era-defining art that was Dexter's Laboratory angst-ridden college partygirl Episodes fall apart if they WATCH OUTI Still airing and people are waiting for it to end try to handle more than Uses his enchanted katana imbued with No formal education Balances action comedy and plot seamlessly two themes at once Dad's righteous spirit whenever possible also knows how to use a bow and arrow Almost 20 years old and people still love the series Has a cool shield pole weapons combat knives throwing weapons laser guns machine guns rocket launchers and many more Only fights other Gems never punishes them for their heinous crimes rarely seen using it Fights demons aliens bandits bounty hunters assassins robots dust Has only one job to do Also has a healthy Possesses Does not possess Needs to atone for an zombies beetle drones evil spirits titans a giant worm sirens a gargoyle his doppelganger and a shapeshifting master of darkness all o them pay for their evil doings people which is Satanic people which makes him a saint infinite supply of bad stuff Mom did relationship with Mom Single handedly killed the Virgin Gems in Samurai Jack Found Obese and weak due to lack of physical exercise and junk diet of doughnuts hot dogs pizza french fry bits etc Based on appreciation for the more highbrow aspects of Japanese history and culture Based on nerdy anime Magic in Steven Universe when the Poor pacing way too many magic did not begin Lean and ripped due to martial arts-based hiatuses between small 90% crying and being emotional fitness regimen and rigid but healthy Zen diet of fruits vegetables whole grains and fish episode batches Great pacing and clear story direction only had one 12-and-a-half-year-long hiatus and came back stronger than ever Avoids masculinity like the Plague even though the show is about a boy growing up and learning about life Toxic fandom constantly at each other's throats 90% fighting and YELLING!!! Rape allusions Unapologetically manly No reports of divided fandoms Best friend and crush causes Overly long river of the fandom to split almost every Best friend is an immortal ScotsChad and a fan Uses angst and drama to benefit the story not be the story tears and drama favorite with an army of extra thicc daughters time she comes on screen No rape allusions Virgin Universe vs Samurai Chad DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY Meme

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