aloeveragel I remember in my Arabic class we were going over the alphabet and the teacher was like there's no 'P' etc and this white girl was like wait what but my names Paige and my teacher was like lol then we'd pronounce it as beige and she was so offended l'm crying thinking about it dotted-sixteenth One of my mom's friends Hugh went to France and they had a lot of trouble pronouncing his name because the entire thing was silent sunnyrae20 salut je m'appelle REDACTED kompanie-mutter regarding that no p sound in Arabic thing I had an Egyptian friend in college who told me about trying to understand what her dad meant by there's some bitches in the fridge he meant peaches libertarian-therapist I'm laughing so hard at the idea of a French person looking at the name Hugh written out and just being silent Those are beige's bitches Meme

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