Alright fam buckle up cause you're not ready for this Hope you wore water resistant eye make up cause you're gonna cry 100% So older couple comes in and they need a suit for a wedding coming up Jesus ok The lady is doing all the talking and the guy is very quiet and off to the back and kinda shaky So we start looking and everything I ask him to do he looks at his wife first and she tells him it's okay and he continues on The guy is very slow moving and very shaky and clearly very wealk from something Kyle I can't cry today You're gonna So the lady tells me he just had a stroke and they spent two weeks in the hospital and he worked very hard to be out in time for his granddaughters wedding But he worked on physical therapy a lot more than speech therapy so he could leave So he still can't really speak and when he does you can't understand him So as he's getting more comfortable with me he starts mumbling words here and there and kinda grunting Can barely even understand it as English let alone decipher it But every time his wife helps him with something or reassures him or interacts with him in anyway he just looks at her and says perfectly clearly you are so beautiful with a little smirk on his face Every time she'd just tell him to shut up or say oh stop it like a school Every time she'd just tell him to shut up or say oh stop it like a school irl He did it probably 20 times in a 45 minute period So finally as I'm checking him out l ask why he learned to say that of all things Like why not a daily phrase like thank you or yes please or something So he kinda looks at her and takes a deep breath and says barely audible After waking up next to her for 35 years this made me realize that that's all I really want to say My heart is melting Definitely worth the read httpstcoCjpHhU9g8u Meme

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