Alright guys with new fans joining the page and new faces I wanted to a introduction again Many fans are familiar I'm #mandapanda as many know I have been with the page many years you don't hear from much with a busy life but I do try to post here and there I'm doing this reintroduction as we are adding new admins that will lintrouduce there self as well SO WITH THAT SAID! I am divorced with 4 kiddosI am from Tennessee I always try to have a positive attitude and always try to look at things from the best point of view This page was originally created by #candiansweetie and since her passing I took over and try to keep the page up and keep it open for her in her memory as she became a very close friend to me and that's that she would have wanted was the page to stay the same with that being said yall welcome any new fans and hello again to our old fans remember your always welcome to pm the page and ask for any of us or help we will resond as fast as possible - We hope you guys have an amazing day! #mandapanda ♡ Meme

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