Also we don't have to talk about this now but I decided to join one of my girlfriends who left did to be a stay at home mom in a wine selling side hustle Idk if it's something you're interested in but I thought it might be good for you while you're ho me with passive income when I Some No pressure or hard sales pitch to join my team! You're welcome to just buy wine if you want Yup Monday as long as nothing changes and she doesn't act up! And honestly I don't know how good l'd be at selling wine sinceI don't really like it Read Friday That's fair It's not my drink of choice but I do like it if it's good My logic is 80% of the people I know DO like it and drink it often so if they'll just buy it from me instead of the liquor store then everyone wins iMessage We were discussing my premature baby that’s still in the hospital and a friend of mine uses it to try to get me to join Scout &amp Cellar Debating if I should nicely explain that it’s a pyramid scheme but I’m not sure she’d be bothered by that Meme

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