Alternative for Australia August 24 at 1012 PM The culture we're being drowned in is not of our own creation This culture and its idolisation of degeneracy Hedonism Narcissism and materialism has been forced on us for a reason This reason is to eliminate the unity of the people Diminish the strength and dreams of the people and to prepare them for enslavement This influencer knows that it can not compete with a healthy Vibrant and united populace So the only way to conquer them is to degenerate the populace to a lower level than them Thus those in the media International corporations Influential positions and all of their useful idiots - actors and politicians for example spread this nonsense to the people and trick them into believing that the world surrounding them is normal They're also told that if they don't like the degeneracy and weak mindedness of one side One particular ideology That there is an escape That escape is to join the other side the side of cowardice and ignorance Both these camps are as bad as each other and the enemy laughs at the innocents who believe there is only one or the other to choose from Alternative for Australia rejects all these tools of division We stand by fighting against the enemy and spreading the awareness of the veil covering the eyes of our innocents We will remove the veil This party will be voted for by those who have opened there eyes and we will win Parliament and all bodies associated with the crippling of the Australian people will be removed Spread our message Facebook trying to sell me thinly veiled Australian Nazis again Meme

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