Always keep the receipts in case a hoe wanna be ungrateful These shit is entirely to childish and hit home for me I remember I spent my allowance and bought this one girl some cute shit form walmart in 3rd grade Copped shorty the deluxe Barbie set with the matching car set and Kent doll Bitch had the nerve to suck her teeth like Im a Peasant nigga All my niggas flamed me to oblivion because I got rejected that shit was unacceptable Recess came and I had to square up with the bitch We in the school yes and she playing double Dutch when I step to shorty Her name was Kelly She told me how my head was shaped like a stepped on sofa can and roasted me to oblivion I could t let that slide I ran up and rko her ass straight on that pavement She told her brother that came to pick her up after school I later got my ass beat Moral of the story don't save these hoes because at the end of the day they still hoes and have no feelings I regret spending my allowance on that Barbie set A nigga coulda copped yugioh cards and timbs instead Life ain't fair B I let the New York gods down that day I also had my life points drained and was castes to the shadow realm I looked like the weak bitch word to Hinata Meme

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