Am I the only one who does this? I know Ima get hate for this but girls don't got any idea the suffering dudes go through with random boners popping up everywhere They got pregnancy and periods but we got an overactive snake in our pants Imagine this snake is a spoiled fucker and never listens to you and pops up whenever he feels like it Only way to get rid of the snake is to pet it profusely till it calms down But what happens if you're in public and can't pet that nigga until you get home? Ima tell y'all what to do in that situation As soon as ya snake wanna try some fuck shit and pop up Strangle that fucker with both hands Make sure you got it in a vice grip Smack it around Grab ya waist band from ya boxers or pants and tuck that fuck nigga in there Make sure you put most of the girth into the waist band or else it'll get loose again💪🏽 You don't want that Shit if you wanna go the extra mile Cut a rubber band in half and wrap it round ya belt loops You got yourself a makeshift snake gate Oh yeah make sure you wear a shirt that's a size larger then what you normally wear cause half ya dick gone be laid flat against ya stomach when you subdue the suspect If you got a small dick don't stress it just sag ya jeans to meet ya dick level This technique saved me at my 8th grade dance Saw shortie in a aqua blue dress with non existent ass and titties Something bout her got a boy going Thats a story for later tho Meme

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