Amanda Seyfried @AmandaSeyfried 12h On Wednesdays we wear pink pictwittercomWkerOhhWKS h Reply t Retweeted Favorite Flag media Lindsay Lohan @lindsaylohan Following as far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a mean girl XO L #meangirls 10thanniversay bitlyLindsayMeanGir わReply t7Retweeted ★ Favorited More Daniel De Santo @Daniel DeSanto Following Yes yes it did @PrincessNozzz @Daniel DeSanto did it hurt to get hit in the face with a stereo #meangris わReply t구 Retweeted ★ Favorited More Jonathan Bennett Following benntt I am so grateful for the support of the fans for the past 10 years of #MeanGirls thanks for being so fetch You guys are grool Yes I did わReply t Retweeted ★ Favorited More The Inventor of Toaster Strudel IS PLEASED to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of MeanGirls Thx @ToasterStrudel for the gift! SO relieved that my father is pictwittercomgfoHlwNabH わReply t Retweeted ★ Favorite Flag media salemexplainsitall Very Important stuff from today Meme

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