amazon prime Q Sigma makes a 150mm-2-8 for Canon for about the same price Any pros and cons? Which lens would provide better image quality? see less A I didn't use Sigma's lens you've mentioned But I expect Canon's to be sharper 5 years ago Leave a Comment A I neither own nor have l used the Sigma 150mm andd as such it would be irresponsible of me to offer an opinion On the other hand I can state that the Canon 100mm f28 IS Il is in my opinion a superb lens It's so much more than just a macro lens 5 years ago v Comments Leave a Comment A Haven't personally used the Sigma lens so my questions would be whether or not the lens was comparable in terms of focusing speed clarity use in low light situations as reported by other users if the Sigma has an image stabilizer and how you intend to use the lens Is it going to be primarily for macro or portraits or something else? I believe the way you intend to use it will also make a big difference 5 years ago Meme

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