AMBITIONZ AZ A RIDAH ALL BOUT ShANDALOUZ COI MY MINID MADE UP HOW DO U WANT IT 2 OF AMERIhAZ MOST WANIED 3333333333 PY 898 28NO MORE PAIN HEARIZ OF ME LIFE GOES ON ONLY GOD CAN JUIGE ME TRADIN WAR STORIES CALIFORNIA LOVE RMN IAN'İ MAll AI CHA WHA 17 YA PHONE # CANT CME SHORTY WANNA BE A THUG HOLLA AT ME WONDA WHY THEY CALL U WHEN WE RIDE THUG PASSION PICTURE ME ROLLIN CHECK DUI TIME I RATHA BE YA ALL EYEZ ON ME RUN THA STREEH AINT HARI 2 FIND HEAVEN AINT HARI 2 FID CALIFORNIA LOVE IShort Radjo Edili EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DEATHR SUGE KNIGHT 1996 Death Row RecordsInterscope Records except +1995 Death Row RecordsInterscope Records 1996 Deat Row RecordsInterscope Records The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Death Row RecordsInterscope Records and exclusively liscensed to island Records Ltd in the UK All rights reserved Unauthorised copying reproduction hiring lending public performance and broadcasting prohibited RECORDS Meme

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