& American McGee So @gustavocanine does a Let's Play of my Alice Madness Returns Which is deemed original content? So I get multiple copyright notifications on my Let's Play videos of my own game? @a · 16h Is this how the system is meant to work @TeamYouTube and @YouTubeGaming? Madness Returns indeed! There are either ads running on your video with the revenue going to the copyright owner or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video's views os da Rainha Viceo title Alice Madness Returns vs American MCGee You will die like in Saw Conyrighted content Alice Madness Returns PT-BR 09 - # Preparando um Show de Teatro Claimed by Illustrated Sound Music View claim details 17 Alice Madness I What's next? If there are no problems you don't need to take any action You dcn't need to delete your video PT-BR 17 - # 0 Rainha If something went wrong ard the copyrignt owner or our system made a mistake we have a dispute procece Only ue it if you're confident you have the rights to use all the cortent in your video Gustavo Canine Ga Need copyright-safe songs? When choosing music for your next video you can avoid copyright-related issues by picking a song from the YouTube Audio Library We're adding new tracks all 4 years ago · 265 v 4130 UNNS The YouTube Team 27 426 23 1162 TeamYouTube O @TeamYou · 14h Thanks for bringing this to our attention - if you feel your video was claimed in error you can dispute it here ytbehelp LKJN We also have a handy guide for copyright content ytbehelpUUug Let us know if you have any other questions i American McGee @americanmcgee Replying to @TeamYouTube MY NAME IS ON THE BOX Are you effing kidding me?!?! Further proof we're living in Idiocracy youtubecomwatch?v=sVyRkl ICE MADNESS RETURNS MATURE 17+ M PC EA DVO-ROM SOFTWARE AN AMERICAN MCGEE GAME CONTENT RA ED Br ESRE Dev and owner of IP gets copyright striked by YouTubefor playing his own game Meme

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