ameriphobia i would literally rather have darth vader be our next president than donald trump if darth vader ran in the 2016 elections and it came down to him and donald trump iwould vote for darth vader without even thinking slashmarks this post is interesting because it implies a future in which darth vader won the democratic primary helenakmanning No but this could totally be a thing Like he'd look at gay marmiage and be like 1 too have known what it's like to not be able to get mamied simply because of who you are Mamiage for everybody He's pro gun-control Light sabers are much more elegant weapons anyway He'd probably be for raising the minimum wage He grew up a slave living in the worse kind of poverty He knows how important it is for single mothers to be able to support their children Darth Vader a Force We Can Count On theelvenkingsunderthesky can this be real? anakinsbutt Vader was a better human being than Donald Trump and Darth amazing that is truhy calamity-cain A FORCE WE CAN COUNT ON i need this political campaign Source ameriphobis 167287 notes This needs to be a thing Meme

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