Amount of DCEU movies release since 2013 GI The DailyFanboy Amount of DCEU movies announced since 2013 So November's how many days away 😫 Ugh someone wake me when it's the 17th PS if you don't see the drastic difference here's the list of DCEU movies since 2013 Man of Steel Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman And here's the list of all announced DCEU movies regardless on what stage of production they're in Justice League Justice League 2 Man of Steel 2 The Batman Aquaman The Flash Justice League Dark Cyborg Green Lantern Corps Batgirl Nightwing Gotham City Sirens Booster Gold Shazam Black Adam Suicide Squad 2 Wonder Woman 2 Deadshot and a whole bunch of rumored projects dc dceu dccomics comics batman flash wonderwoman aquaman cyborg superman iceberg meme comicbooks comiccon steppenwolf motherbox apokolips newgods antilife memes bored nerdy geek superhero supervillain comicbookmovie geoffjohns Meme

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