Amy Eastman @amyeastman_ MY DAD IS BABYSITTING CHANCE THIS WEEKEND WHILE I'M IN NYC SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS MAN A GRANDCHILD ee AT&T LT ATST LT AT&T LTE 815 AM T 815 AM Fer Fath Father Father Hey mom gramps is going to sleep with me tonight is there anything we need to tell him? Hope you are having as much fun as I am see you tomorrow and good night love you sooo much Hi mom it's me again We had a picnic and are going to the nail salon now Gramps said if rm good I can have ice cream when I'm done What kind do like again? Hate to keep bothering you mom but we really need to hang out with gramps more Grandpa wants to know what kind of take out i can have?we are starving Dog Memes Of The Day 32 Pics – Ep57 #animalmemes #dogmemes #memes - Lovely Animals World Meme

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