an-avaar-skald-and-bearsark: thesummoningdark: rinhkitty: mahigxn: pineapplepineapplebatman: j0jin: Scotland is not boring When I say I love bagpipes, this is what I mean Absolute banger WHERE’S THE SOURCE, OP?????? This is Clanadonia What the video doesn’t quite capture is that when you’re this close, their drumming feels kind of like being punched in the chest. When they’re playing on the street like this, every other busker in a 500m radius just goes and has a tea break, because there’s no point in trying to be heard over Clanadonia. What the Summoning Dark says. They used to play outside the Thistles in Stirling when I was at Uni there pretty regular like, and you could basically hear them anywhere in the old town center.