an drink it We have it CLOSED OIXIE DISCOUNT BEVERAGES If you can drink it We have ià ALL LIQUOR STORES CLOSE AT 7 PM IN SOUTH CAROLINA YES WE KNOW IT'S A STUPID LAW *YES THE STORE ACROSS THE STREET IS CLOSED ALSo *YES THE WHOLE STATE RYES WE KNOW IN YOUR STATE AND MANY OTHERS YOU CAN STAY OPEN LATER WE CANT * NO THIS DIDN'T JUST START IT HAS BEEN THIS WAI 20 YEARS BU TAS AFTER TM AND YOU A W ARNING AM TOMOROW SOUTH CAROLINA LAW Persons under 21 possessing beer wine or liquor or using altered fake or another person's ID are subject to arrest and prosecution Persons transferring or giving beer wine or liquor to person under 21 are subject to arrest and prosecution Upon conviction in addition to a fine and possible jail term you will lose your driver's license -and privilege to drive for at least 90 days NOTICE The possession of beer wine or liquor by anyone under twenty-one years of age is a criminal offense under the laws of this state It is unlawful for anyone to give false information concerning age for the purpose of purchasing beer wine or liquor We drove around trying to figure out why the hell all the liquor stores were closed in Myrtle Beach at 730 when we finally found this gem Meme

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