An elementary school bus driver asked every kid on the bus what they wanted for Christmas He bought every child a gift His name is Curtis Jenkins! A bus driver in Dallas got mistaken for #SantaClaus Students walked onto his bus to see that it had been filled with the presents that they wanted for #Christmas Curtis said We talked about the things that they would want and I made a mental note of it and wrote it down Curtis originally planned to host a gift exchange When his wife pointed out some kids may not be able to bring a gift the Jenkins decided to buy presents with their own money Curtis set aside a little money from each paycheck to buy puzzles games and small electronics Seeing the faces of those kids was more than anything that I could ever do with the money Jenkins said his work is his calling and he hoped to show each child they have value and are loved I'm not at a job I'm on a mission from God I don't say anything about religion to the kids I just let them know whatever they love is fine with me just love somebody on the way πŸ™ πŸ’― #MerryChristmas @worldstar #WSHH Meme

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