an entomologist rates ant emojis Apple Beautful big almand eye realistic and fuil of espression as she gazes gently at you Ebowed antennze and delicately segmented legs and body Gorgeous pearascent shean lke slhe is glowing This ant moisturizes This ant is round and huggable This ant is a star 1110 Google Beautfully detailed elike pose but with an unexpecled neck and odd antennae perhaps scared straight Her eyes sugpest she has seen things Her eepression confirms she has seen too much Sha is haunted and I want to know more710 Microsoft Floppy antens pointy muppet fsc oddy posed legs What is she? She has no waist May be she ls some kind of bee in doguise? l ind her unsetting 310 This ant has an unexplained double jointed thorax and no evidence of a ist Her four-looled pose suggests that she s centaur rather than an ant ants would be re what was iniended here 210 WhatsApp Good rst impression kind of bland in the details This ant has no parscular waist to speak of floppy rather han ebowed anlennae and an inexpressive face Her color scheme is soft and hazy Iike the sharp angles of her styishly sophisticated laga This ant may not know quie were she is going but she knows how she is geting there610 Twitter Were you even trying 010 Facebook Gasp This ant is elegant This ant has a beauttul tapered thorax a segmented abdomen alert ebowed antennae and a ight-looled pose This ant's face supgests ouriosity and a desire to explore the world This ant nspires me I want to be ike her 1010 EmojiOne 3-legged waistless centaurant with strange linp antennae and a beak I囟n't know what this is kind af reminds me of & Hork-Bair 10 not n ant emojidex This ant makes me sad All of her legs are broken The MS Paint art style and gradent abuse cowey distress She has a duck beak Despie his her expresnon suggests perseveranoe and determined deertless י want this ant to have a better IiteI am rooting for her 310 Messenger This ant is a bold and challenging mbture of photorealism and caricature She is broad and low-bull and seerns very sturdy She looks like sh๑ would help you mave This ant is a dependable friend 910 LG A picture of an ant from a children's book She is wearing Ittle boots This ant is wrong irevery way and yet I can't stay mad齜her T10 HTC An interesing op-down view of an ant her legs are postioned with sighdy iamng symmetry Nevertheless her overal impresson that of a gracett stylzed design lke a piciograph She is sutable for adorning fine garments and jewelry ar parhaps gracing the wals of a Sny ant church 1ike this Mozilla This is a Sermile-1010 An entomologist rates the ant emojis via rfunny httpsifttt2AJ9ifk Meme

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