An Open Letter to Starbucks I would like to start off by saying that I loved my job at one point however the last few months have made me change my mind Baristas and SSVs can agree it's gone downhill Morale is low happiness is becoming non-existent and the stress remains high Corporate has told management to cut labor as much as possible despite the SBUX stock price going from $60 when I began working for the company in 2016 to $8865 as I write this Our stores are understaffed and we the partners are tired We work shifts that are almost always understaffed and it's been chaotic the last few months How are we expected to keep morale if we aren't supported? Many partners have stressed that they need to find a second or even third job to be able to make rent In many cities throughout the country the cost of living has and will continue to rise We need a raise We need hours It's hard to be able to enjoy this job when we're struggling to pay the bills There needs to be change We need hours we need a raise we need to be properly staffed and feel supported A single complaint won't be heard by corporate If you are a partner and feel the same way or are a customer who loves our drinks please I urge you to share this Post this on all social media platforms Send it to journalists and to people who can help us raise our voices If we don't hear anything back I urge baristas to talk to one another and consider unionizing Spread the work to other stores and other districts Talk to your local union organizer But please do not speak of this around management only around people you trust There can be retaliation if you're caught before a union is formed Sincerely A Disgruntled Barista I felt that this can be share in this sub as well Meme

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