Analysis and Qualitative Effects of Large Breasts on Aerodynamic Performance and Wake of a Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Character N Rabino ARTICLE INFO A B S T RA C T Computational fluid dynamics ANSYS drag ewormational fuderodynarmitties thicc coefficient human aerodynamics SST k-ω model anime Quetzalcoatl titties thicc A computational fluid dynamics methodology is used to study the salient flow features around the breasts of a human figure and to describe the aerodynamic differences imparted by their geometric presence Two models are proposed for examination a 3-dimensional reference based on a character design with a significantly buxom figure and a modification of this design where Analysis and Quaitaive Effects of Large Breasts on Aerodvnamic Performance and Wake ofa Miss Kobavashi's Dragon Maid Character compared to those found in sport-related studies Nonetheless these studies provide useful insight on the natural turbulence caused by the The human body can best be described as a bluff-body in respect to human form and the expected anatomical location of flow separation the flow around it Literature on the behavior of the wakes behind bluff Inthavong et al 20 utilized a high speed camera to record the wake bodies indicates that the flow will be unsteady due to the turbulent tan generation of a 15th scaled realistic human manikin that was accelerat sition and separation of the boundary layer 10 A simplification analo ed to a velocity of -1 ms From their results i was found that the 11 Background on the Human Wake Copyright 2018 N Rabino a Original reference design Courtesy Kyoto Animation b The modified design proposed for comparison Figure 1 Comparison of different designs for Lucoa Figure 2 A perspective measurement of Lucoa in reference to a door frame using the Vanishing Point Tool in Adobe Photoshop Meme

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