ANARCHIST DOⓝ @Makno20 Follow Genghis Khan literally walked around these walls Walls Work 951 AM 21 Apr 2019 Follow @angryblkhoemo They really traveled halfway across the world and entered another country just to flex how racist and xenophobic they are Colonizers are actually poisonmy goodness lol ANARCHIST DO® @Makno20 Genghis Khan literally walked around these walls Show this thread 845 AM 22 Apr 2019 amoisthobo dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou n0torious-th0ughts blackqueerblog Who travels to spread this bullshit? They should not get to see other countries and cultures I fixed it also… Okay they’re clearly racist and dumb but can anyone appreciate the irony of them traveling to another country and posting a message that basically says “don’t let people come to our country” were in the worst possible timeline Meme

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